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How to use Facebook Creator Studio in your marketing strategy - Mazing US
Friday, February 23, 2024
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How to use Facebook Creator Studio in your marketing strategy

Currently, having marketing strategies is an essential requirement for companies and businesses that want to grow in the market. Social networks themselves have become dissemination channels, even offering tools and functionalities to help put these strategies into practice.

Facebook is one of the social networks that stands out the most in this sense, providing a series of interesting functions for those who want to develop digital marketing. An example of this is the Facebook creation studio, the subject of our post today! To understand what this tool is and how it works, stay with us here.

What is the Facebook Creative Studio?

The Creative Studio or Creator Studio is a platform provided by Meta to facilitate the work of those who manage a digital business and use Instagram and Facebook for promotion or sale.

One of the great advantages is that the platform is completely free and brings together interesting features. Some of them are:

  • Schedule content on pages or profiles;
  • Access performance metrics;
  • Access data about followers;
  • Interact with followers through comments and personal messages.

Creator Studio is for businesses and content creators using Facebook and Instagram.

What is the Facebook Creator Studio for?

Creator Studio aims to optimize the time of those who manage social media and maximize productivity. The tool also helps to reduce errors, as it allows the automation of some tasks, such as the publication of content.

Therefore, the studio offers a lot of practicality when it comes to publishing. If it needs to be done on weekends, holidays or other special dates, for example, you can leave it scheduled and Meta publishes the post for you. Simple and easy to put your marketing strategy into practice!

Thus, your business networks are always up to date! In addition, we can also mention the main uses of Creator Studio:

  • creating, posting and scheduling posts
  • managing interactions of all pages (DM’s on Instagram, Messenger, or comments on Facebook posts);
  • managing the content of Facebook pages and Instagram profiles;
  • management and administration of the monetization of publications;
  • metrification and analysis of results, such as new followers.

How to access Creator Studio?

To access the tool, just type business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/home on the desktop. On mobile, just search for Creative Studio on Facebook.

Once logged in, the admin has two options: manage Facebook pages or Instagram accounts. Keep in mind that only people authorized to manage a Facebook and Instagram page are able to use Creator Studio.

How to use Facebook Creator Studio?

Upon entering, there is an options bar on your left with options to create a new post, view notifications, access scheduled posts, file management, among others.

On the homepage itself, you can post a story, a video or go live for your audience. Below, there are recommendations made by the site itself to help your business.

Still on the page, there is a carousel with the latest Creator Tool news. Below, there is an area with your latest posts, with some engagement and views numbers.

create new post

To create a publication, just click on the “Create New” button and then click on “Create publication”.

“Publish texts and links” is intended for the caption. In “Media”, you can add photos and videos and change the size of the images: just click on “Edit”. Also, you can “Stream live”.


Statistics can provide important insights into how posts are performing and whether your marketing strategy is working as it should. Therefore, in Creator Studio, there is a complete analysis of metrics, such as:

  • reach of publications;
  • number of followers;
  • engagement;
  • clicks on links to publications;
  • shares;
  • reactions.

content library

In the content library, you can view scheduled, published and draft content. Thus, you can manage and organize all the content, following everything that is being done.


A payment from Facebook Ads through ads on your videos is known as a payout. In this tab, you can configure and edit your payment methods. You can view your past transactions, download invoices and remittance statements, and edit your account settings.

creative tools

In the creative tools, you have free sound and music options to put in your videos and share them without copyright issues.

Creative Studio Tools for Instagram

Now that we understand how the post creation tools work on Facebook, let’s see how the studio operates on Instagram.

create publication

To create a post, just access the application and click on “Create new” in Creator Studio. Then choose between a feed post or IGTV.

Everything is very similar to Facebook commands, so just follow the same instructions. The option to schedule publication is also available on Instagram, and you can make simultaneous schedules for both Facebook and Instagram in a simple way.

You can also adjust the posting details for Instagram so that your posts come out correctly.

Content Library

The Instagram management screen in Creator Studio starts in the Content Library, where you can schedule posts, carousels, and videos for IGTV.


In the statistics, you can see the interactions of the last 7 days, link visits, reach and even impressions. The tab also provides key information about your audience, such as age, gender and location, very important data for you to better understand your audience!

These metrics are essential to analyze your work and the performance of your network, as well as help to decide the next content.

Advantages of using the Facebook Creator Studio

As you can see, the creative studio brings together in one place everything you need to manage Facebook and Instagram pages. This tool is a real facilitator of social media work, especially if you are an entrepreneur or if you need to manage more than one page.

With the studio, it is much simpler to keep social networks up to date, gain time to invest in other activities, improve productivity and organization and analyze results. Your marketing strategy can be optimized and you can see what is working and what needs improvement.

We hope this post has helped you to better understand how to use the Facebook Creator Studio in your marketing strategy! To continue learning more about interesting tools for your business, stay tuned at Blogger Cage.

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