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How to track Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Instagram has the highest engagement rate for influencer Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia marketing (compared to 1.5% on all social networks) and it is the most popular channel. Sponsored posts can cost $500-$50,000, depending on the number of followers. The price will only rise as more people demand them. Marketers are questioning the effectiveness of influencer advertising. How much should they spend on it? How do you measure the ROI of influencer marketing on Instagram?

Amber Discko, the founder of Who Pays Influencers?, a website that crowdsources influencer market rates, says “There’s so many tension in this industry right now.” “Influencer marketing has just begun and people are unhappy because they don’t know how to charge it and how to track it.” According to RhythmOne, brands get an average $11.20 in earned media for every $1.00 paid media. This is quite a deal if you track your influencer marketing.

These are three ways to track influencer marketing on Instagram, so you can do more than just monitor likes and comments.

**Create Trackable Link for Instagram**

Instagram campaigns often ask influencers for a link in their bio. This will direct followers to the “link in my bio” because Instagram doesn’t allow links in captions. A link can be included in the caption. This will allow followers to copy and paste it into their browsers. It’s better not to include a long URL. Bitly can be used to shorten it. This will also help you track Instagram traffic.

To hype up Star Wars: The Force awakens, Lucasfilm and HP collaborated with Instagram influencers. Their influencer marketing campaign used both these strategies to drive their followers to a targeted landing site.

HP asked their social media influencers (a mix of artists, musicians and tech professionals) to promote the #AwakenYourForce sweepstakes. This offered fans the chance to win a Star Wars Special Edition notebook or a voucher for a movie ticket. The posts were inspired by the galactic world and included a Bitly link in the caption. This led to the sweepstakes landing pages.

Rudy Mancusco was also a Vine influencer and HP asked him to remake Star Wars’ theme song with HP technology. Rudy shared the Instagram photo with his Instagram followers and pointed them back to the link in HP’s bio in the caption. Followers who click on the link in the Instagram bio will see the source of traffic as “direct” in Google Analytics. By adding custom URL parameters to the link and shortening it using Bitly, you can now see not only where your traffic comes from but also how effective your Instagram influencer marketing is.

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Bitly customers have been running a lot influencer campaigns. Companies use Bitly Enterprise’s Campaigns feature to track how many clicks their campaigns have generated. They can also view a more detailed breakdown of the clicks each influencer link has driven. HP received 68.019 clicks total from the #ForceAwakens campaign. 14,649 were from Instagram.

Create Influencer Links

Bitly can be used by brands to shorten links for branding and customize the back with calls-to action. For example, you can send Influencer #1 a link with their first and last name or Instagram handle, like Because it is credible and easy for followers to remember, they are more likely to click the link.

Comparing Influencer Marketing across Channels

Brands can ask influencers to share Bitly hyperlinks. This allows them to track how much traffic influencer marketing is driving to their landing pages or site. They can also compare the success rates of paid and organic content for influencer campaigns. Let’s take a look at a campaign that enables a brand to track influencer marketing on Instagram and run marketing offers across multiple channels.

Paid search generates more clicks but a campaign that is focused on influencer marketing has a longer lifespan. The graph of ‘Influencers shows multiple spikes. This is most likely due to each update that an influencer posts, while Google AdWords has only one spike at its beginning. This means that brands should test and optimize the times of the day and week for influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram.

There is no single way to define success. You can have more control over your tracking parameters than just likes and shares to get a better understanding of the impact of buymalaysianfollowers of influencer marketing. The quality of relationships built by influencers is as important, if no less, than the engagements they drive. It is possible to be surprised by some of the results that you can see behind the scenes. Likes don’t necessarily mean conversions.

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