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How To Track Computer Activity

Remote employee monitoring software keeps the track of a remote computer’s activity. You may use employee monitoring software to see all an employee does on their computer. You can view and record all programs, files, websites, and chats.

A computer usage monitor is a very useful tool. This could give you a detailed picture of your business hours and also how they spend your time, allowing us to better plan your workload.

Computer monitoring software is becoming increasingly common these days. Some individuals adore it, while others despise it. Staff computer monitoring software is a problem that raises privacy concerns. It has become a touchy topic in recent decades, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Employees dispute the trustworthiness of computer usage tracking software in any form when many firms want to check employee behavior to guarantee individuals are completing their jobs.

However, one of the causes businesses or people choose to use it is to retain track of the progress and assist staff in increasing productivity. So, what was the deal with employee surveillance? Is it permissible? And how can you protect your privacy when utilizing a PC usage tracker? Here’s your all-in-one resource!

What Are the Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is viewed by many as obtrusive and as a technique of eavesdropping on employees’ actions. However, if you want to pick the perfect tool and then use it correctly, you can reap several rewards.

There’s another major benefit to using monitoring software: it boosts staff productivity. Here are some reasons why you should use a PC usage tracker:

  • One can look at what you or your workers work on, analyze it, and learn from it. Examine how you focus your energy, what you waste that on, as well as what your biggest sources of distraction are. Monitoring capabilities let you organize task mining, and projects by categorizing and segregating all of your activities.
  • Monitoring software is not only a source of useful data on the company’s performance and staff involvement, but it may also provide detailed information that serves as proof of activity for key stakeholders.
  • Suspicious activities and internal threats are easier to detect.

Technologies are there to assist you, and with the appropriate software, your business can develop and your staff can be more productive.

How far can surveillance tools take you?

Whenever it comes to tracking computers or workplace monitoring software, the first question that comes to mind is “Is doing this legal?” Employee monitoring is legal, according to the Employee Monitoring and Workplace Privacy Act. It might be mandated for specific industries and companies, or under the Patriot Act in the United States.

You shouldn’t have to get concerned if you’re implementing computer monitoring software secretly. Yet, if you’re an employer, you need to consider three factors.

Decide what you want to track.

You must exercise caution when tracking the work of staff. If you violate their confidentiality or security then your company may face legal penalties.

You must decide with your coworkers so that you may all better your job and make the most of the tool.

Select the appropriate program

Users won’t get the intended result unless they use the right software to monitor computer activities. There are a lot of possibilities, though not all of them will fit your business strategy, office culture, or other critical aspects.

Ensure it works with some other tools as well. You’ll be able to manage daily work and track activities across many devices in this way.

Speak with your coworkers

Employee monitoring software implementation is frequently misinterpreted in the workplace. Hence the management needs to speak with teammates and clarify their decision.

Genuine respect and trust are the cornerstones of 1 Q`2good workplace partnership. Employee activities should be monitored intelligently to avoid creating a bad influence on your staff. After all, it’s all about getting better at your job.

What is the best way to track a computer?

Employee monitoring software comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. To identify suspicious activities in your business, you might use software that monitors operations in a stealth mode. You might also use a laptop usage tracker to increase staff productivity.

Monitoring capabilities differ amongst programs when it comes to tracking tools. There are various techniques to trace a computer:

  • For monitoring events streams and user activity records on a computer, employees can use the system’s local files, power troubleshooter, or similar apps.
  • Employee surveillance applications are available to let you take screenshots, watch your systems and data, and even track keystrokes and mouse movements.
  • For precise timesheet data and monitoring billable hours, use software time tracking with activity logs.
  • Some solutions are designed expressly for remote employees and collect vital information to help users enhance cooperation and efficiency.

Avoid providing personal information, monitoring user behavior may be performed privately. The key goal is to ensure that the company’s activities do not make end-users feel unsafe or frightened.

Best monitoring software to improve productivity:

There are numerous tools for computer monitoring available. You may utilize them for private (or business) purposes or can apply them in the company so that individuals can learn how they perform & improve their effectiveness.

Many of the top employee monitoring tools are listed below.


Isn’t it strange? Not in the least! This is by far the simplest way to keep an eye on a computer. Now this, on the other hand, is ideal for checking which websites individuals viewed while working. This method is excellent for multiple users on a single computer or for people who want detailed information on how the computer and each software are being used. Everyone needs to go through the employees’ computer’s file system for internet history, statistics on application usage, and users.


Keeping a sense of time and manhours, as well as increasing productivity. TimeCamp is a freeware time tracking software that may be used by an unlimited number of people. TimeCamp can assist your organization in three different ways. It increases productivity by tracking both profitable and non-productive actions, such as app use and webpages viewed, and it assists in identifying and eliminating interruptions that divert attention.

Managers and their staff become more accountable—employees are more aware of when and how they can work, and they may enhance productivity by optimizing and automating procedures. Ultimately, TimeCamp helps you run a lucrative business by allowing users to manage both billable hours and non-billable ones, and also finances.

All of it happens in real-time, allowing you to react quickly as necessary. Also, it’s perfect for individuals working from home who need to monitor the company’s performance because it’s accessible via portable devices, as well as a browser and desktop software for your Windows PC, macOS, & Linux. (TimeCamp has a screen recording capability that you may use on-demand.)

TimeCamp has a free plan that allows you to have infinite users, tasks, and activities. Packages include  Basic – $7/month per user, Pro package $10/month per user, and Enterprise with bespoke pricing. There’s also a free trial of 2 weeks available.


When your workers operate on a pc, Teramind successfully analyses their actions and habits. It monitors user behavior and looks for potential risks. When the tool detects suspicious conduct, it gives you an e-mail right away.

It’s a smart tool that might lock a person out, prohibit access, or even blur images so the thief can’t get access to the information. If you believe anyone at your firm is stealing secret information, then you should install Teramind right away.

The cost per user is $10/month. On Teramind Starter, the starting pricing will be charged for a single user (Cloud). There must be a minimum of 5 users in their basic package.

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