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How to style bottoms? 3 effortless looks with pants

Today we will tell you how to style bottoms! Why? Because we all have those pieces of clothing in our wardrobes, but sometimes it may be pretty difficult to come up with new, more trendy looks. That’s why we are here today – to share with you some amazing and super stylish looks you can achieve with the pants you most likely have at home. 

Types of women pants

Even though there is a variety of woman pants available on the market, there are two main types – straight-leg and wide-leg bottoms. 

Straight-leg bottoms

The straight-leg bottoms are definitely one of the trends this year. Even though they are very simple items, they are versatile and can be styled in nearly any way. You can wear them with heels or flats, as well as in combination with almost any top and jacket.

Wide-leg bottoms

The wide-leg bottoms have become extremely popular recently. We were all surprised to see how huge become this trend has been, but we are happy with it. These bottoms can make anybody look chic and gorgeous, and they can be styled with many clothes and accessories.

How to style pants?

And here comes the question – how to style pants? We all have many of them in our wardrobe, but styling the pants may be difficult sometimes. But don’t worry – all you need is inspiration – and here it comes!

Straight-leg bottoms with an oversized blazer

You can always style straight-leg bottoms with an oversized blazer, and you will surely be astonished by the result. Especially if you choose two pieces of clothing in the same color. This style may be elegant and trendy at the same time, so you can wear it for different occasions. 

Wide-leg bottoms with a bodycon blouse

One of our favorite inspirations is wearing wide-leg bottoms with a bodycon blouse – the best way to show a beautiful body. For an elegant and sophisticated look combine contrasting colors top and bottoms in neutral shades. And if you are looking for a casual vibe, try wide-legged jeans and a playful color bodycon.

Printed bottoms with simple-colored top

Wearing printed bottoms with a simple-colored top is always a good idea. Why? Because it gives the perfect contrast and gets you a stylish trendy look. A monochromatic top with bold patterned pants works well with all kinds of accessories and therefore could fit almost any social setting. 

Occasions suitable for wearing pants

Now you know how to style pants in a trendy fashion way, but what are the occasions suitable for doing so?

A day at the office

The straight-leg monochromatic pants are perfect for a day at the office – they are stylish, elegant, and, most importantly – comfortable. Mixing the style up with a matching classic blazer and a beige or white shirt is certainly the best timeless look to go after.

Running errands

Of course, if you go for some more specific clothes, you can wear pants for running errands. Jeans, wide-legged and pleated pants are some super comfortable pieces of clothing out on the market. So you can simply choose the ones that fit your personal style the most.

Special occasions

Last but not least, suit pants and wide-legged pants in black or muted colors are some great pieces of clothing when it comes to special occasions. Of course, you better style them properly. A combo with a fitted blouse or a shirt can really elevate an outfit for a formal gathering or event.



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