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How To spend Less on Christmas Decorations

Everyone is looking for ways of spending less money in these harsh economic times. With the costs of everything skyrocketing, there are less people buying expensive décor items and this is why DIY décor is quickly gaining followers, whether its for Christmas decorations or for simple house décor items. Here are some tips to making your own décor items without hurting your budget. 

Decorating Your Christmas Trees

Christmas trees tend to be the center of your holiday décor and this is because nearly every decoration and gifts end up on the tree or underneath it. You will need lights around the xmas tree and some ribbons to bring the color home. A good idea is to make your own ribbons by buying ribbon strips and tying them in different styles, which you can learn online. Add some more garlands around the trees to add plumage and this idea works really well to make your tree look fuller and give it more character. 

Another idea which is coming up really fast is using dried fruit as ornamentation. Dried apples, look really great on Christmas trees as this not only adds to the décor but gives it a literally biblical meaning. You can also add berries which you can string around the trees along with the lights to give add a more natural appeal. Dried fruits also release a sweet aroma and this will go really well in your home. 

Repurposing Old Items for Christmas Lights

Christmas lights come in many varieties, and if you are buying from the store, expect them to be a bit pricey. If you are working on a small budget, then you need a few DIY lights to bring out the same effect as with store bought lights. Tin cans are great as candle holders, and with the variety of tins cans out there, you can make something really unique and authentic. Decorate the cans with glitter and you can even add some holes on them to make the lights flicker some more. 

If you have old wine bottles, you can even make better lights since the bottles already have their own hues and shapes which you can use for maximum effect. Take a green or clear bottle and put string lights inside. The string lights are cheaper than Christmas lights, but once added into the bottles they create an even better effect. Place you gifts around the bottle lights and this will create a stunning visual display. 

Overall, you simply need to be creative enough to make a good idea work. Christmas decorations don’t have to be a dull venture and therefore, you can make these DIY projects into a family project where everyone gets to bring out their creativity and really own the holidays. Add some cards with messages and put them around the house. The idea is to make Christmas more about family and friends, and this will not only make it memorable, but when done right, can bring out the best visual display. 



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