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How to secure glass table top to base

For a shiny and elegant look, you can use glass tops on the table. However, if the glass is fixed with a sticky tape on the table base you will be left with no other option than to remove it. Instead of using glue or epoxy, there are few ways that can secure the glass top on the table base, so that you don’t have to remove it later.

Using the bumper:

First and foremost, you have to decide on what type of glass you will use for the top. Using heat tempered glass is the safest bet. Another thing that you have to do is to test the strength of the base by tapping it with your fingers. If you can hear a hollow sound, this means that the base is not firm. This will cause the glass top to slide over. You can simply fix the base by purchasing bumpers from any local store. Next step is to run a bead of construction adhesive along the rim of your glass table top. You can do this at one part of your table top at a time. If you choose to apply the adhesive by yourself, create a dam on the edge of the table and try to work with an extra set of hands for support.

Table top adaptors:

The table top adapters are made of steel with clear epoxy coating that gives a glossy look and make it sturdy. For DIY projects, this is one of the best ways to fix the glass or any other material on top of the base. The clear silicone adds an extra layer of protection from moisture. It not only gives you the perfect accessory but also enhances the overall look of your table. This is the best way to secure a glass table top to base if you have a metal or steel table base. It glides in with ease and secures the tablet tightly to the table base. You can easily install it if you have prior experience in wooden furniture assembly. With some lubricant, you can easily slide it in place. However, if you are looking for an easy way out, you can always hire professionals for this job since this is a vital part of your furniture set and needs to be installed perfectly for smooth operation.

Adhesive tape:

This adhesive tape is used to secure the glass to the table base. It is very easy to use and you can immediately stick the tape on the glass and base after taking it out. You simply need to align them properly and you will get a perfect fit. Also, adhesive tape can be removed without leaving any residue or mark on the surface of the base or glass. If you have wood surfaces in your house then this great item can be used for sticking glass table tops to base. The tape also prevents the glass from sliding off during cooking or when you accidentally press it. It comes with its own unique feature of being double-sided and sticks to the wood on one side and the glass on the other.

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