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How To Schedule TikTok Posts? - Mazing US
Saturday, February 24, 2024
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How To Schedule TikTok Posts?

TikTok is a fast-growing platform with over 689 million followers worldwide. It is a short video creation platform that includes fun and entertaining videos like dancing, comedy sketches, memes, etc. It is no doubt that TikTok will have prominent growth in the future. To gain more followers on TikTok, you need to strategize your TikTok posts for an efficient reach. 

The proper delivery of posts at the right time is the key to attracting a large audience base. To get more views and likes for your posts, you need to provide content based on the audience’s needs. Moreover, you have to post frequently to keep engaging with your audience. Experts suggest posting two or more videos a day will boost the audience base. 

Many marketers and users find it difficult to post videos in prime time. Marketers may engage in other works and forget to post at prime time. It’s pretty common! In this case, you are losing your potential followers to your account. More importantly, posting when users are much more active will reach you with a broader audience base. Some marketers may even opt to buy tiktok likes to improve their engagement seamlessly.

Don’t worry about your timings! Want to post your videos on time and go live ahead of time? In this article, let us look at some scheduling methods for your TikTok posts and TikTok live. Let’s get started!

Benefits Of Scheduling TikTok Posts

You may film and edit your video in your free time, thinking of posting on the following day. But you forget to post it! In some other cases, you may be confused between many edited videos that are to be published in a single day. All these minor mistakes you make will significantly affect your likes count, views count, etc., So schedule your post at the correct date and time to avoid confusion. If you own an online brand and post your brand promotion videos at a stipulated time, people will also gain confidence that your products will be correct and delivered at the right time. 

Some benefits of Scheduling are as follows,

  • You may beat the competition easily. 
  • It opens a vast opportunity to get more followers.
  • You will become more popular quickly.
  • People think you are authentic and a perfectionist in doing things. 
  • You can earn people’s trust. 

TikTok Scheduling And Algorithm

When you align your videos to the prime time based on the category of your business and based on your audience’s interests, the algorithm will also recognize your account and place it as a priority on the ‘for you page.’ As a result, the users on the ‘for you page’ will automatically become popular among the audience.

General & Simple Steps To Schedule Your TikTok Posts

Step 1: Log into TikTok on your web browser. 

Step 2: Click the cloud icon on the top right corner where you can upload your videos.

Step 3: Now, create, edit and upload your videos by adding hashtags, editing cover images, and setting privacy. 

Step 4: Now, schedule your TikTok posts by clicking the Schedule button. Choose the date and time you like to post. Once you schedule, you cannot change your video unless you delete it.

Good Scheduling Time

Like other social media platforms, there are good and bad times to post on TikTok. As per several kinds of research, the universal best time to post TikTok videos are 

  • Tuesday- 7 am
  • Thursday- 10 am
  • Friday- 5 am
  • Sunday- 11 am or 5 pm

Overall, experts suggest posting TikTok videos from 6 am to 10 am and 7 pm to 11 pm on any day. The timings may differ based on the category of videos. For example, the time to post cooking videos and fashion videos may vary. The best time may also differ based on the geographic location, active audience time, etc., As a brand, you can also try to buy tiktok auto likes to upgrade your reach organically.

Top Scheduling Tools


Loomly is one of the TikTok scheduling tools to manage organic posts and paid ads in a single dashboard. Lommly is a simple, user-friendly scheduling tool where you can schedule your content with a seamless experience. In addition, Lommly is integrative and has innovative features that help you plan scheduling posts efficiently. 

Social Pilot

Socialpilot is the first TikTok scheduling tool. It offers flexibility in editing, re-sharing, and re-scheduling the TikTok posts from the content calendar. In addition, it reminds you of the time to share your post with the audience. The social media pilot tool creates a great marketing experience. So utilize it to the fullest! 


Crowdfire serves as a one-stop solution for content creation, Scheduling, and analysis of posts. It is a paid scheduling tool. It first offers a free plan to the users. You can save as

much time in scheduling your TikTok posts. Crowdfire reduces your effort where you can post your TikTok post in advance, and it automatically delivers it to the audience at the right time chosen by the creator. 


Brands try to use a TikTok scheduler for effective marketing online. You may have more organized Scheduling with an effortless process. The scheduling tools covered in this article will help you schedule your posts. With effective strategy and scheduling tools, you can reach a new audience and grow your brand. Plan ahead, pick your favorite scheduling tool, and start to boost your views!

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