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How to Save Money When Getting A New Phone in Australia

As we enter the 21st century phones have become an integral component of our daily lives. With retailers and manufacturers always improving the features of their collections, many of you are probably aching to upgrade or replace your current phones to meet your demands.

However, the high prices of new smartphones make up the largest part of your monthly income. For instance, the iPhone XR might cost an astounding AU$1000 to purchase the 64GB version that is brand new. Similar to that, Samsung Galaxy S10 might cost an AU$1100 minimum.

What Can You Save Money?

But, don’t let your phone’s upgrade plans go now, buddy! You are still able to update or even replace the phone and conserve money.

How’s that?

One option is to buy a secondhand or refurbished phone, instead of buying a brand new phone.

The rush to buy the most stylish or fashionable smartphone available because your family and friends or the public are raving about it is not the most beneficial option. Do a thorough assessment of your requirements versus your desires and make sure they are in line with your budget. In the end, you, along with the majority of phone users may only use the basics of your device. If you’re an amateur photographer you may not require the specific features of such phones as iPhone 11 or 12. iPhone 11 or 12, but you could opt for the new iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB) priced at $399.

Read the rest part of the article to find money-saving advice and learn the ways that bargain hunters like to save money when buying used or used smartphones right here in Australia!

1) You must sign a contract

If you’re thinking of buying a new phone the first thought that is in your mind to save money on the phone is to enter into an agreement with one of the cell phone operators in Australia like Vodafone, Telstra, or Optus. Contract plans that differ with different telcos within Australia can aid in saving money or at the very least, on initial upfront costs.

With that said you’d be obligated to the phone contract, you signed with your particular telco for the duration of the contract. What happens if your requirements change in the course of time or you decide that the contract you signed is not really that cost-efficient at all in the future? You wouldn’t be able to modify your contract with your phone or obtain a new phone without incurring additional costs.

2) Use a SIM-Only Plan

One of your most frequent expenses each month could be your monthly mobile bills.

Add these charges to expensive plans for mobile data and phone contracts with giant telcos, and you may end up paying through the budget more than once. Making a phone contract isn’t the only option in Australia.

Instead, why not opt for a SIM-only service to reduce the cost of you upgrade your phone or replacement?

SIM-only plans are ones that do not lock consumers like you into fixed-duration telephone contracts. SIM-only plans can cut the number of phone bills you pay without having to drastically alter the way you use your mobile phone. The flexibility offered by these plans allows bargain hunters to shop for the most affordable mobile plan and phone on the market. Telco firms in Australia such as Finder offer SIM-only plans, therefore you may want to investigate them.

But, the drawback of a SIM-only plan is that you’ll have to be more attentive to your phone’s usage, particularly when you use large amounts of data. If you are a big data user it is possible that you will need to purchase additional data in order to manage your data usage. In time, these added expenses from buying additional data could result in higher overall expenses in comparison to when you remain on a fixed-price phone contract.

3.) Take advantage of A Bargain Finder! Find a Refurbished Phone to Complement The SIM-Only Plan

If you think that a SIM-only option is more affordable and practical for your long-term goals but you want to cut back on other unnecessary expenses Be a bargain hunter and buy a quality used smartphone at Wise Market Australia to complement the SIM-only plan you have.

If you do this you’ll switch plans on mobile phones whenever your demands require it. You can also take advantage of the top quality of the phone that’s been examined and repaired at a low cost! For instance, iPhone XS (256 GB) at Wise Market Australia costs only $859!

If you’re worried that you’ll get an unreliable phone be assured that you are buying from an intelligent market. Wise Market used phones, like our iPhone collection, are thoroughly cleaned, checked and polished through accredited Australian specialists to guarantee top quality. Furthermore, our 14-day, no-cost returns policy that applies to every one of our Australian customers ensures the highest quality we value and ensures that our clients will be satisfied with their needs.

Let Wise Markets Help You Save The You the Most!

If you’re trying to save money on phones in Australia then let Wise Market address your concerns regarding reliability, cost, and quality. Because all our sellers use Australian and are certified as such, we at wise market guarantee that the phones that are sold through our platform are blacklisted or stolen. Additionally, thanks to our free delivery service to your door You can pick up your phone with no hassle and in a non-contact method. With the warranty period of our phones that last up to 12 months, you can be sure that the used or refurbished phones will not fail to please! Get your hands on our phones right here now!

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