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How to Save Money at the Supermarket

Know the tricks of the supermarkets

Supermarkets use different tricks to tempt us. Be aware of this and don’t let them get hold of unwanted goodies!

Supermarket smells – if you walk through a large supermarket, you will smell the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread. The smell of baked goods is supposed to make you hungry, so you are more likely to buy food. Eat before you go shopping to prevent your eyes from getting bigger.

Buy candy and magazines at the checkout – this is the “last chance” where you always have to wait at the register. Tempting chocolates and colorful magazine covers have enough time to catch our attention. Especially if you have impatient and hungry kids!

Scattered goods – the things we always buy are scattered all over the supermarket, forcing us to walk past other attractive products.

Invisible offers – supermarket stores are located on the shelves at eye level of the public. To get the best deals, you really have to look “higher and higher”.

Discount signs – these are usually bright and large to generate interest in a particular product. For example, if you see a sign that says “1 pound only” you think you’re going to get a great deal, but in reality, it’s often expressed in pence, not pounds.

Online shopping

Shopping online is the best way to stick to your shopping list without being fooled by supermarket tricks. It’s getting easier to buy groceries online and most sites allow you to compare product prices and cut costs.

A good place to start is the deals section, where you can find products from different brands that you usually buy at a much lower price than usual. We look at what is currently on offer and try to base our meals on that offer.

A very helpful site to compare prices and save money is My Supermarket. When I shop on this site, I find out which supermarkets are the cheapest and get suggestions for cheaper, lower-calorie alternatives that are easy on my wallet and my waistline.

Brand reduction

Many people stick to the brands they know, whether they know them or not, but you can save a lot of money by trying products that are a step down from the brands you usually buy. For example, if you usually buy pasta sauce from a well-known brand, try switching to the supermarket’s own brand.

Try switching to all brands with lower values and if you don’t see a difference, stick with the cheaper brands. We tend to associate expensive brand packaging with poor quality, but this is not always the case. For example, my husband winced when I showed him the expensive products I had purchased, but he didn’t notice the degradation of the sauce I had added to the curry because he hadn’t looked at the packaging.

Of course, you can’t buy everything at those prices. I don’t think I could eat meat, especially for sandwiches, unless it was at least a commercial supermarket brand, because it would be too fatty. It’s best to save on things like pasta and bagged mixes, as well as everyday items like cleaning supplies and pet bedding.

Deals Vouchers, codes, and coupons

Coupons If it’s something you buy on a regular basis or are thinking about using, you can save money on your food purchases. On the Money Saving Expert forum, you can find the latest codes for online shopping. Many of them offer discounts or free shipping.

If you regularly shop at stores that offer loyalty cards, you should get a card and use it. We often forget to use them when they’re tucked away in our wallets or at the bottom of our pockets. Many cards have a matching key ring that can be scanned to add points to the card.

The timing of sales.

Timing is important Supermarkets often offer deep discounts at the end of the day to get rid of goods. So try to stock up after dinner or around 8 p.m. However, it is advisable not to plan any major purchases at this time of year, as sale items may become scarce.

Other tips.

BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) seems like a good deal, but only if you consume the product before its expiration date; use BOGOF to stock up on non-perishable food items at a great price.

Please note the different expiration dates.

Best before date – do not consume the product after this date.

Best before date – make sure you use the product before this date. After this date, the product can be consumed, but the quality will be lower.

Display until – this date is intended to help supermarkets manage their inventory. Once the expiration date has passed, the product should no longer be on the supermarket shelf.

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