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How to repair the installation error of Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is a top antivirus program. This antivirus program has a different type of interface than other security applications. Malwarebytes not only provides security to the data but also to your other security applications. You can also use another security application with Malwarebytes without any conflicting issues. The interface of Malwarebytes is very simple. You can easily get the Malwarebytes setup and then you can install it on your device. This security program also provides freeware. The free antivirus provides all the basic security tools. If you want internet security tools then you can get the premium plan of Malwarebytes. This application is easy to set up but still few people get installation errors.

Reasons behind Mawlarebtes installation error

  1. You are installing an incompatible Malwarebytes setup
  2. Setup files are missing
  3. You have another antivirus on the device
  4. System files are corrupted
  5. OS is outdated
  6. Another application is interrupting Malwarebytes installation
  7. Junk files are corrupting the installation process

Resolving Malwarebytes installation error

Restart the device

Whenever your device shows any application-related issues, restart it. Most of the time, devices show issues due to some runtime issues on the device. Restarting the device will dissolve all the runtime errors. Go to the device and close all the running apps and programs. Now restart the device and open the downloads folder. Click on Malwarebytes setup and start the installation process. The setup will start installing on the computer. Restart the device again and click on Malwarebytes dashboard. Hit on the scan button and scan your whole device for viruses. 

Check resource requirements of Malwarebytes setup

Malwarebytes is compatible with almost all devices. But the setup varies from device to device. You can’t run Malwarebytes setup for Mac on Windows. Your antivirus can show an installation error when you are trying to install an incompatible Malwarebytes setup on the device. Go to the setup and then check for its resource requirements. If your device is not specified according to the Malwarebytes setup then remove the setup from the device. Delete all its files from the device and search for a compatible Malwarebytes setup. Get the setup and start installing it on your device. After installation, scan the device and remove all malware from the device. 

Re-download the setup

Many times, the installation process fails when the user tries to install a corrupted Malwarebytes setup. The setup can get corrupted if the files are not downloaded correctly. Sometimes the files are not downloaded properly if the internet is not smooth. Setup can also corrupt when the user mistakenly deletes some of the files. You can’t install the corrupted Malwarbetes setup on the device. Remove the corrupted setup and then re-download the setup on the computer. Download the setup when the internet is smooth. Now run the setup to install and then you can use your antivirus easily. 

Disable another antivirus temporarily on the device

Malwarebytes can run with another antivirus without showing conflicting issues. But another antivirus may interrupt the Malwarebytes installation process. While installing the setup, you may face Malwarebytes not opening error. To install Malwarebytes, you have to disable another antivirus temporarily. Now install Malwarebytes on the device and open its dashboard. To prevent conflicting issues; you have to make changes on Malwarebytes. Go to Malwarebytes and disable those tools that are available on another antivirus. Now restart the device and enable another security program. You can use both security applications on the device. 

Update your operating system

Security applications can show installation issues if the device is outdated. Go to the computer and open the Update and Security tab. Now click on the Update button on the right pane. If the update is available; it will start installing on the device. You should only update the OS when the internet is smooth. After installing the latest download, restart the PC. Go to Malwarebytes setup and install it on the computer. Now the user can easily run the antivirus on his device.

Remove the conflicting application from the system

Malwarebytes can show issues during installation if you have any conflicting programs. These issues mostly appear with third-party applications. These applications carry malware like viruses, adware, spyware, etc. When a user tries to install antivirus; they start corrupting the process. If Malwarebytes is not installed, you should inspect for the conflicting applications. Go to the device and then check for all the installed programs. If you see any third party on the device, uninstall it. Also, remove all the application-related files. Restart the device to apply new changes and then try to install your Malwarebytes. 

Remove all junk files

The error can appear when the device has lots of junk files. When a user opens a file, temp files are created to hold the data. After completing the work, these files become useless. Temp files should be removed otherwise they can start conflicting with other functions. There can be other junk also that can conflict with your antivirus. Go to the device and open the temp folder; remove all files and then try to install Malwarebytes. If your antivirus is still not installed on the device then check for other junk. On Windows, you can use an inbuilt junk cleaner tool. Run the cleanmgr tool and it will start searching for all the junk on your device. Now check the list and choose the items to delete. Restart the device and now your system will work smoothly. Open the downloads folder, and run Malwarebytes setup to install and scan your device. 

Repair system files 

Your system files can also interrupt the installation process. These files can get corrupted easily due to runtime errors or some other issues. But fixing these files is difficult. Don’t try to repair the files manually if you don’t know the correct steps. If you edit a wrong file, your whole PC can break down. Instead of trying manually, you can run the Windows file checker tool. The tool will inspect all the system files. If any file is corrupted; this utility tool will repair it automatically. Go to the PC and run the sfc/scannow function. It will search the files and repair them. Restart the computer after repairing the files and now try to install your antivirus. If you are still getting errors then you should ask for technical help for fixing your Malwarebytes error.

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