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How to Plan a Family Bathroom?

There is always a time when your bathroom is not enough for you or your family. It may be due to you have become parents, adopting, fostering the kids, or looking after the elderly. It’s time when you will need to start making necessary changes in your home and bathroom. If it is the bathroom that everyone uses, you will need to make it suitable for all ages. But how to choose a family bathroom suite and what factors I need to consider are the most common question that will come to your mind when planning for it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything that you will need to know about a family bathroom suite.

Important Things That Matter When Choosing a Family Bathroom Suite.

Planning for a family bathroom suite is not simple as it may seem. There are a lot of things to consider. If it is for a bathroom upgrade before offering it to sellers, then you will need to think about the needs of a family to make it a more practical space. In other cases, you will need to keep your own and your family’s needs in mind while planning for it.

Family Bathroom Size. So, first thing, first. Have you checked the size of your bathroom? Unless you know the bathroom size, it will not be possible to plan anything. For example, is it essentially need fittings and fixtures that are compact or designed for a small space? Or do you just want to go with a minimalist bathroom design to maximize the space? Do you want to keep it simple or want to add a lot of storage space with a large size vanity unit? All of these questions are important when deciding about the family bathroom suite.

Bathroom Suites
Shower Suite

Bathroom Theme. The way your bathroom looks matters a lot in modern times. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your bathroom is not just practical but aesthetically pleasing too. So, what bathroom theme do you want to follow. Most of us have an idea about what type of looks we want to create. But it will be a good idea to conduct extensive research about it. The theme will involve deciding about the wall and ceiling paint. The color of the bathroom suite will be another expect of it. You may try different colour combinations to see how they look or simply follow a design pattern from a design magazine. A bathroom suite comes with matching fittings and fixtures that will help you create coordinated looks easily.

What are the Needs of Your Family?

Different families may have different needs for the bathroom. Therefore, you must always consider the basic needs. It will give you basic direction on which you need work. For example, do you have kids or the elderly at home? Is there going to be an increase in bathroom storage needs in the next 5-10 years? If yes, then plan the bathroom suite accordingly. Moreover, there may be a problem in deciding between a shower and a bath. If you have kids and pets, you may want to prefer a double-ended bath. It is because these are deep with two slope edges making it easier for you to bathe them. Or, if you are fond of a shower and don’t want a bath to let go, then a shower bath suite may be the best option for you.

Bathroom Suite

Do You Need to Make it More Accessible?

If you are taking care of an elderly and want to make it more accessible for independent living, you will need to consider it when planning for a family bathroom suite. As the elderly may be prone to slipping or falls, it may be better to consider installing a safety bar or a toilet with comfort height. You may also consider installing a shower enclosure bathroom suite that comes with a walk-in shower or a wet room.

Steps You Should Take for a Family Bathroom Suite.

Once you have answers to a few of the most important questions, you are ready to take the next step towards a highly functional family bathroom suite.

Step 1. Measure Up. You may already know how big your bathroom is. But it is also important to have the right size bathroom fittings and fixtures. For this purpose, you will need to measure up and decide the size of the toilet and bathroom vanity sink unit. Bath and a shower enclosure. You should match all these sizes with the one available on the bathroom retailer’s website.

Step 2. Decide Your Budget. The budget is an important factor for most people. You may risk going over the budget if you don’t plan about it ahead of time. Therefore, depending on your bathroom needs and requirements, decide on a budget and try to keep your costs within that limit. You will have choices available for all budget ranges so there is no way you will end up going above your budget.

Step 3. Decide What a Bathroom Suite Should Include. Bathroom suites come in all types and sizes. You will need to choose between 2-to-5-piece suites depending on things included in the package. Therefore, you will need to decide about it according to your bathroom requirements.

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