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How to pick the best safari in the Dubai Desert!

We receive emails every day from prospective visitors who appear to be very perplexed about how to pick the best safari in Dubai. Although we’d like to say that Platinum Heritage provides the best Dubai Desert Safari, the truth is that there isn’t a single, perfect answer to this query. Ask your safari company a few crucial questions instead;

Pick Best Safari in Dubai Desert

Camp Type and Group Size

The majority of foreign visitors are unaware of the variety of camps available or the significance of their question.

shared camp with additional businesses. For those travelling on a tight budget, these camps, which are typically more budget-oriented, can offer good value. One disadvantage is that since many companies will dine at the same camp, the company you book with probably has no control over the hygienic conditions, food quality, entertainment, or facilities. In most cases, your company can do nothing to help you if you have a problem.
expansive private camps (50 to 600 guests).

Some safari companies run their own camps, but they frequently host 500 to 600 guests per night or more. This might be a good choice if you feel more at ease in a large crowd. A very crowded desert, lengthy buffet lines, and a lack of individualised service are some of the major drawbacks.

Confined private camps (-100 guests).

There aren’t many of these, but the ones that are available offer better service, more customization, and a cosier atmosphere. Couples, well-traveled guests, families, and people commemorating special occasions are the best candidates for these.
private arrangement The best Morning desert safari Dubai experience is this one. Here, there are three or four staff members for every one visitor. This guarantees that all of your needs will be met, that your experience will be completely customised, and that your privacy and satisfaction are guaranteed. Watch out for arrangements made without restrooms, though. Nothing can ruin a special dinner for two like having to “go in the dunes”.

2) Does the business offer safaris or is it a wholesaler?

Wholesaler of Safari. Most businesses engage in a variety of activities as wholesalers. They will choose one or two suppliers for safaris and sell to these businesses. Ask them which company or camp they are using, and then look up that company’s reputation. The main problem with wholesalers is that you won’t have any options if something goes wrong or you’re not satisfied.
Safari Supplier This business actually produces the finished good. You have a better chance of requesting modifications, changes, or special consideration from these businesses.

3) Employees of the company or contractors

The main element that will determine how enjoyable your break is a good safari guide. Ask your safari provider if they can absolutely guarantee that one of their employees will lead your safari. Some businesses use independent safari guides because they are staff-less. While some independent contractors are top-notch, others are less desirable. Whichever one you get, a business that uses independent contractors has no control over it. Other businesses, some of which employ their own personnel, use freelancers when they need to outsource work. If this occurs, they won’t be able to guarantee the calibre of your safari guide either. The company that can assure you that your safari guide will be a company-trained employee will provide the best service. These manuals will include training in first aid, product knowledge, safety, and customer service.

4) Dune bashing or a wildlife safari as the type of drive

Do you adore outdoor activities? Are you in good physical and mental health? No prior neck or back issues? Do not experience motion sickness? Love to ride the coaster? are not accompanied by younger or older passengers? Do you enjoy racing cars? You would probably prefer dune bashing if you said YES to each of those questions. These intense adrenaline rushes are not for the weak of heart, though they can be a lot of fun. The adventure, however, typically only lasts a short while—it might only last 10–30 minutes.
However, you would probably prefer a wildlife drive if you responded NO to any of these questions. These are more akin to African safaris and are open to all. Only two companies (yes, Platinum Heritage is one of them) are allowed to conduct wildlife safaris inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and they will offer the most engaging, secure, and visually appealing adventure. These trips are generally longer and last for more than an hour.

5 What’s for Dinner?

Everyone is aware of why a meal at a fast food establishment is less expensive than one at a fine dining establishment. You should enquire about the safari’s menu. Is the food freshly made or is it already cooked? Does the food come from a catering service or from an on-site chef? Is the food local to this area or should you anticipate BBQ or curry? The same care and consideration that you would use when choosing a restaurant should be used when choosing your safari. Obviously, the better the food and higher the quality, the more expensive your safari will be.

6) Credibility

I want to start with this because I believe it to be the most crucial factor in determining which safari is best for you. The most valuable recommendations are always those from friends who share your taste. Additionally, check out TripAdvisor for frank traveller reviews. Feel free to send messages to reviewers and pose inquiries to them. Ask your hotel concierge for some advice, but also find out if his hotel has a supplier with whom it has a contract because he might not be able to provide you with an unbiased recommendation.

7) Price

Everyone generally starts by asking this question. However, you get what you pay for in life, just like everything else. I’ve included the executive summary below, which might explain why each safari is priced as it is.

The safari provider is Ultra Budget – Shared Camp, Freelance Safari Guides, Dune Bashing. Price range: 75 to 100 AED.
Budget: The same service as above, but the price includes a commission to a wholesaler. Price range: 120 to 180 AED.
Large private camp with a low price, independent safari guides, dune bashing, and safari provider. Price range: 220 to 275 AED.
Premium: A sizable private camp that offers safaris and a combination of in-house and independent safari guides. Price range: 275 to 375 AED.
Exclusive – Small private camp with only in-house Safari Guides, wildlife viewing in specialised vehicles, and safari provider. Approximately AED545.
Luxury: Private setting, on-staff and freelance safari guides, wildlife driving, absence of entertainment and restrooms. is the supplier for Safari. Price: 895 AED.
The provider of safaris is Ultra Luxury, which offers a private setting, only in-house safari guides, wildlife driving in a luxury SUV, as well as entertainment and facilities. Price: 1500 AED
With all the information at your disposal, you can decide how to spend your priceless vacation time. And keep in mind that everything should be viewed in perspective because there is so much competition; even the most expensive safaris are still less expensive than the typical dinner at a five-star hotel.

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