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How to Opt for the Best Self Driven Car Rental in Goa? 

Goa, the Indian state located on the Southwestern coast is literally the Paradise on earth. The series of golden beaches, the turquoise waters of the Arabian sea, quite a significant number of fascinating historical and other tourist spots scattered all around, a vibrant nightlife and a few other factors lure tourists from all over the world all throughout the year. Now transportation for these tourists is a big issue. There are various modes of transportation available in the state, but perhaps the most favoured one of them is the self driven rental cars that are available. These rental cars have a very high demand and you will find a number of companies offering self driven car rental service in Goa. 

However, not all of them are equally competent. Only some are. That’s why, when it comes to picking up a car rental service provider, you need to follow a few criteria. 


This is one of the major criteria that you need to take into account while choosing a car rental service in Candolim or elsewhere in Goa. You will find a number of companies around you, each claiming to be the best. However, you must not consider their claims by their face value. You must judge them by certain criteria and the reputation is the first and foremost of them. The service provider you need to put stakes on has to be a reputed one.  It must have a sizable clientele and it should enjoy a considerable amount of fan following by the virtue of its competence, customer-centric approach and the cost & quality of its service. These are the parameters against which the reputation of the service provider should be gauged, and the name you eye one should be next to none in terms of these parameters. 

The cost of service: 

The cost should be the other determinant factor, which should guide you in your pursuit for the best self driven car rental service in Calangute. Do not opt for the name that offers you service that is too good to be true. They may very well be frauds. A reputable and genuine company will never offer services at prices that are exorbitant, nor will it charge too low cost of service.  They will set the price as per the market rate, depending upon the make and model chosen and the extent of usage indulged. Thus, if you have been toying with the idea of availing a self driven car rental service, you must take into consideration these factors.  

The Seniority in terms of service:

The Goa self driven car rental service you choose, must not be a sunrise company. Well, this is not to demean the newcomers, but the fact is that nothing can substitute experience. Hence, the self driven car rental service in North Goa that you put money on has to be a pretty experienced one, having spent a formidable number of years in the industry. 

The model diversity of the rental cars:

This is the most important factor that you must consider. Since the choice of the cars may vary from one individual to another, the Goa self driven car rental service you opt for, has to have at its disposal a considerable diversity of vehicles to choose from. 

Take for instance, us. We at GoGoaCarRentals have over 150 vehicles from different makes and models. The models that we offer are the very best and they cater to the needs of the modern tourists from various walks of life. 

The models we offer include Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Venue Automatic, Mahindra Thar Convertible, Kia Seltos, Kia Soney Automatic, Maruti Suzuki Swift. 

Thus you see, with such a huge range of vehicles available at a reasonable rate, we are one of the most reputed Car Rental services in South Goa. 

It has to be an insured company 

You must eye on an insured company, which will indicate that you are eyeing on a valid and genuine company. Also, this comprehensive insurance plan will save the tourists from financial penalties, in case of any such incident.

Taking all these into account, we are one of the most competent ones you can opt for. With over 150 cars of so many varieties, and over 25000 very happy customers, we are definitely your one stop solution should you look for a Goa car rental service provider. Call us at +91 9923 668 188 or +91 8007 794 646.

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