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How to Maximize Your Instagram Views?

Do you often find yourself pondering the questions like “ What the heck do I need to Post to get gain views” or “ Why am I losing my views and Reach”? Stop worrying and start finding answers with us.

From personal experiences to business promotions, latest news to historical information people share a lot of things on Social media. If you are handling any advertising account on social media or just want to market your skills or art, social media is a great way to get started.

Success on Social media will get your word spread like a wildfire. Going viral will not only make you famous but will also fetch brand deals and more business work for you.

 If you are looking for how to achieve all this, your search is now over. All the tips and secrets you should know to maximize your Instagram views are here.

Find optimal posting times

The timing of your post makes a significant difference but most people don’t pay much attention to it. You should figure out at what times your posts get the most engagement and views. Posting anything captivating but at 4 am won’t get you the desired reach. Keep in mind the time while posting and if you can’t manage that, it’s easy to schedule posts for the future on Instagram.

If you posted about an event that happened last week, people may have seen or heard it anywhere and won’t like it now. Posting the right things at the right time is the key.

Experiment with new ideas

Don’t you get bored of the same type of movies or listening to the same songs? Most people do. That’s why you have to keep bringing something new and captivating to the market.

Get on board with trending content and create new reels and videos with a twist. New ideas will certainly grab the attention of people and bring views to you.

Host contests or ask questions

One efficient way to generate more views is to get people to communicate more. Get conversations started by asking questions and provoking a healthy debate.

Initiate contests ad polls on your stories to get people involved in your profile.

Replying to the questions and queries in the comments and messages will also help. Give positive and professional feedback on both negative and positive reviews.

Curate user-generated content

Instagram algorithms give so much importance to the relationship between viewers and content generators. Focus on getting more user-generated content. Encourage people to use your brand name, or music in their posts and stories and post it on your account. 

Use Instagram Stories

The best feature of Instagram is you can post the link to your videos and posts directly on your story. Putting interesting content on the story will encourage your followers to open the link and watch your video. Make the best use of this feature by posting your content link on story again and again. But don’t overdo it.

Go live often

Going live will not only show your profile at the top of the newsfeed in stories but will also send a notification to your followers. This will help you get the attention from those followers who forgot about your profile.

Collaborate with influencers or popular Instagram users so that their followers will get a notification as well. There is a great chance that their followers will follow you instantly because of Social proof.

To get more views, take maximum benefit from Influencers, TikTokers, and your competitors. People following your competitor’s account most likely have an interest in your content as well. You just have to reach out to them and they will raise your views in no time.

Use social media ads

To get more views and all the benefits associated with them, it’s not bad to invest a few in the start.  Social media provides the opportunity to give an ad and customize its audience. 

Invest in some ads and get your profile spread around. It will bring new users to your account ultimately increasing your views.

Post less

Don’t clutter your profiles with irrelevant and unnecessary posts. Seeing too many generalized posts from you might make people report your account as spam or unfollow. 

Post at the right time, and stay relevant to the main theme and purpose of your profile. Don’t upload more than three to five posts in a day unless it’s something really urgent.

Do cross-promotion

Promoting your account on other platforms will surely bring new people to your profile. Advertise your Instagram account at the end of emails or on your website to let people know that latest updates about you can be seen here.

Sharing Instagram on Facebook and Twitter will also help. But keep in mind that if all your social media accounts are copies of each other, people will only pay attention to one. So, this step might not get as many views as you want but it’s worth a shot as it is free and effortless.

Use hashtags

Instagram connects posts by hashtags used in them. This feature is really helpful to get your content out there. Many people search trending hashtags on Instagram and follow them, so if your post has that hashtag included, people will view your content as well.

Spend some time figuring out trendy, relevant Hashtags and use them. Popular Hashtags will make your post Popular but don’t write too many irrelevant hashtags to your post.

Focus on Username and Bio

Your username and bio should not be repellent. It is the first thing everyone will notice in your profile so make it seem worth their time. Usernames that are search-friendly are appreciated among people which means that you should choose a username that relates to your page, links people’s minds to your business, and easy to speel and search for them.

Write important hashtags and keywords in your bio. It shows the whole statement of your account so make the best out of it.

Prioritize your choices

In the end, most important thing is to consider what you like and dislike. Nobody can dictate to you what to post because your Profile should be as customized and unique as your personality. Prioritize what you like and post it.

Social media has millions of users with different interests. What one person likes, may seem annoying to the other. It is a fact that trying to meet people’s standards only causes depression. people lose their lives after harsh remarks and t be honest it’s not worth it.

Many people change and lose their sparkle just to fit in this cruel world of Instagram. Don’t repeat this mistake and be yourself.

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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