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How to manage a team successfully in the digital age


Technologies progress at a rapid speed. Most companies, especially in the tech industry, try to keep up with novelties in these spheres. However, a lot of them often forget to improve their team management along the way. Most team management processes are obsolete and can’t keep up with digital advancement. That’s why managers have trouble leading teams in the digital age.

Instead of considering technology to be our enemy, it can be our ally in business. So, to manage a team successfully you need to use the advantages of the digital age. How can you do that? 

1. Create a safe space for growth

Whether your team works remotely or from the office, you need to create a space where they will feel safe and inspired to grow. As psychological safety is one of the most important aspects of team effectiveness, a manager should focus on building an environment where employees will feel safe to share ideas and thoughts. How can you do that in the digital age? 

With the use of technology, people tend to distance themselves even though they have the opportunity to be closer than ever. Digitalization isn’t always bad. Video calls, daily meetings, and checkups encourage people to bond and share their struggles. This brings people together and boosts their productivity.

2. Choose flexibility over specialization 

As a manager, you have the possibility to choose who will be a member of your team. A lot of people focus on specialization and want to employ job-ready individuals. However, due to the shortage of talented employees on the market, a lot of candidates aren’t flexible enough to adapt to certain systems. So, what can you do there?

Since you hold all of the cards in your team, you can choose who you want to employ. Follow tips for a remote hiring process and choose flexibility over specialization. Give younger candidates a chance. Who knows, you might discover the next superstar of your team that will rock this digital age! 

3. Motivate your team

We can agree that technology and constantly staring at your screen can get quite tiring. On top of that, motivation can change over time, especially if you get in a rut. Every day with technology seems quite the same, so many employees lose motivation to work on the projects, which affects their productivity and end results. How can you motivate your team?

In case you work remotely, motivation can become quite a challenge. A lot of benefits can only be applied to the in-office employees. What sparks your remote employees? For instance, you can organize digital team buildings and create a better bond within your team. On top of that, providing regular constructive feedback is necessary for improvement and motivation. So, regularly offer and receive feedback!

4. Next-level collaboration

The digital age has brought us many next-generation processes, which include collaboration. Even though a lot of people couldn’t imagine working remotely, let alone having remote teamwork, it is possible thanks to technology! For successful remote team management communication and collaboration are crucial. So, how can you bring your team’s collaboration to the next level?

Find inspiration within internal communication examples that help each team become successful. Technologies such as intranet and chat apps bring teams together and enable easier team management. On top of that, it helps management and team members be more tolerable of cultural and other differences. Collaboration and its tools make the workflow easier and bring teams together no matter where they are. 

5. Spend some time off-screen

Even though managing employees in a digital age requires the use of technology all the time, encouraging employees to spend some time off the screen will help you with management. In remote work, work-life balance is crucial for the team’s success. If your employees are burnt out due to the use of too many electronic devices, they won’t do their best to achieve the results. So, encourage your team to spend some time off the screen.

For instance, consider offering a gym or yoga as one of the benefits. People need time off to cool down and process their thoughts, and there is no better way to do so than by being physically active. On top of that, taking your mind off the work for a while only helps you achieve better results and improve your focus during work. 

Wrapping up

While the entire business revolves around technology, it feels like people have grown further apart from each other. That’s why managing employees in the digital age is quite challenging. With these tips, you’ll stay on top of the game and make your employees proud and satisfied to be part of the team you’re managing!

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