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How To Manage a Swimming Pool? 

There’s no better way to spend your summers than cool off your body by taking refreshing dips in your swimming pool. The swimming pool is among the best features of your home and an excellent place for you to have fun and spend your leisure time with your family. The occasional pool parties that you can organize in your swimming pool area.  

But to keep your pool in excellent condition, there are specific measures that you can take to get the most out of your pool while ensuring that it lasts longer. For which it regular maintenance, also you should buy an automatic pool cover that will help to keep the debris out, maintain Chemical Balance and also extend the Life of Your Pool Equipment.  

For this purpose, you can always hire a professional swimming pool servicing company or do it yourself if you know the proper ways of pool maintenance. A good understanding of the primary pool maintenance techniques can help your pool go a long way. Hence, this post covers the essential tips for you to bear in mind to manage your swimming pool.  

Pool Machinery Servicing 

You need to service your pool machinery regularly. The machinery and equipment you use to run your pool will last longer with a proper servicing schedule. For instance, you need to service the heat pumps and boilers according to the instructions set by the manufacturer. You can do this annually. You must also check the gas boilers every year for any leaks. If you notice any unusual noise from the equipment or find that the pool is not reaching the right temperature, call a professional immediately for a thorough inspection. Brands like SCP distributors LLC offers world-class pool supplies. Even SCP distributor LLC jobs are meant for well-experienced professionals. An added advantage of choosing such companies often goes beyond receiving quality products. Be rest assured about their service and maintenance propositions.   

Skim, Rake, and Vacuum Your Pool Area 

You must have seen the skimmers attached to the sides of the underground pools. The skimmers are mainly rectangular openings, which may be present in even the above-ground pools. In this case, it hangs from the side of the swimming pool and floats on its surface. The skimmers help draw in the water from the pool’s surface, where you are likely to find most pollutants or debris. So, it works by collecting this dirt before it starts to stink, thereby keeping the water clean. Check the skimmer basket every week and empty it to keep the water clean.  

Next, you should use a net or rake to collect the dirt or debris that floats on the water surface, such as twigs, leaves, branches, etc. Ensure to buy a telescopic pool cover that will help you to keep the dirt out of the pool. Also it will maintain your water temperature and save water heating cost.  

Water Chemical Treatment 

Conducting chemical water treatment is an essential part of the pool maintenance routine. This treatment is critical to ensure that your pool water is safe and clean for the swimmers and maintain the overall health of the swimming pool. The water chemical treatments vary according to your pool’s water quality and the materials you use for its construction. For this purpose, you can consult your pool installer to suggest the appropriate chemical treatments for you.  

Maintaining the pH of the water is an essential part of the pool management routine. pH measures the alkalinity and acidity of the water that ranges from zero to fourteen, and on a scale of seven is the neutral point. If this scale is above 7, the water is alkaline, and it is acidic if it is below 7. So, the ideal pH scale is between 7.0 and 7.6. Alkaline or acidic water tends to erode the pool and increase the number of calcium salts in the water, making the chlorine ineffective.  

Perform Shock Treatments 

The shock treatments are another critical factor that helps to maintain a clean swimming pool. It is an effective way to prevent bacteria and algae build-up in the pool water. It is often difficult to control the bacterial growth using the standard techniques, and hence, shock treatments can be an effective way in this case.  

Having a freshwater pool system will help reduce the need to perform frequent shock treatments. Nevertheless, most people assume that the presence of a strong chlorine smell or experiencing a stinging sensation in their eyes is due to the high amount of chemicals in the pool water. But this is not true. It mainly occurs due to the incorrect pH level of the water. It mixes with oils, sweat, or bodily fluids and forms chloramines. Using the shock treatments with a high dose of chlorine, you can get rid of the chloramines.  

Performing a shock treatment isn’t as straightforward as adding a higher amount of chlorine to the pool water. Also, the standard chlorine tablets will not be effective in this case. Nonetheless, you choose between unstabilized dichloride and calcium hypochlorite. Follow the instructions given on these chemical packaging. When using these chemicals for performing shock treatment in your pool, wait for at least 8 hours before using the pool. Also, ensure to do it in the absence of sunlight. 


So, these are the most effective ways to manage your swimming pool and keep it clean and healthy. If you are an expert at it, maintaining your pool should be easy for you, or else, hire a professional for this job.