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How to Make Money Blogging

For some people, the concept of making money on the internet seems impossible. Gone are the days when an individual was forced to clock into a traditional job in order to earn money. Now, you can build and launch a blog that earns a limitless amount of money. While it can take time to build a successful blog, there are plenty of ways to allow it to support your lifestyle and much more. If you have a topic you’re interested in writing about, consider the following ways you can monetize it.

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are particularly popular on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. When you see an influencer’s post with a hashtag and the word ‘ad’, those are considered sponsored posts. They’re showcasing the product on their platform, but they’re also collecting a check from the retailer. Bloggers do the same thing by creating blog posts that are dedicated to the promotion of a specific product from a specific retailer. When you’re partnering with a retailer, it’s typical for them to have their own edits, guidelines and requests when you create the content.

Since the brand is paying for this content, they have the right to control how it is portrayed. Sponsored posts are often considered brand deals. In order to follow FTC guidelines, you’re required to tell your readers that you’re creating a sponsored post for a company. You’re not allowed to promote content in this manner without disclosures. How much you make with this effort is up to a number of factors. The number of readers and hits a blog receives plays a role in the same way that a blogger’s negotiating skills do.

2. Ad Space

Depending on the traffic you receive each month, you can sell ad space on your blog. A banner on your website can earn different amounts of money. Side banners and ads dispersed between blog posts can also be lucrative. Pop-ads might be annoying to the reader, but they tend to produce a profit as well. Some bloggers opt to sell ad space by the month. Others charge per quarter.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is a popular and lucrative way to make money blogging. For those who’ve wondered about what is affiliate marketing, it’s the process of promoting someone else’s product or service in order to gain a commission. Most online retailers have an affiliate marketing system with specific commission rates. Even for a massive company like Amazon, the commission rate can start at 4% for certain niches. While that might sound like a tiny amount, the key is to remain consistent. By consistently producing excellent content with the right affiliate links, you can make upwards of six figures annually through this process.

4. Online Shop

Many major corporations maintain blogs on their website in order to show users how to utilize their products or services. As a blogger, you can actually create an online shop as a tab on your website. Think of goods or services you can sell. Remember to strategize with scalability in mind. A blogger who’s passionate about second-hand fashion can sell vintage and second-hand clothing through an online shop on their blog. A fiction author can use an online shop to sell digital copies of their books. A skincare product enthusiast can sell their own line of moisturizers and exfoliating scrubs.

5. Paywall

While the internet is an incredible wonderland for people to build whatever they want, it can also be a scary space for bullies and trolls to run freely. Depending on how sensitive you are about certain content, create a paywall. A paywall allows you to post exclusive content for a group of paying customers. If you’re a mommy blogger, you might opt to share certain parenting tips behind a paywall because it’s easier to attract parents who are invested in the tips you share. The people who pay to get exclusive content are more likely to be aligned with your blog’s values and content.

One of the most powerful facts about blogging is that you can set the limit for how much money you’d like to make. While it can take time to make your first few dollars, it can become a ripple effect. Once you’re clear on the methods that work best for you, scale them. As you build your blog with the goal of monetization, work on building multiple streams of income for your blog. Affiliate marketing is great, but put your eggs in multiple baskets. With these options, it’s easier to sustain a monetizable blog.

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