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How To Make A Creative Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook is an exciting option for meeting and connecting with potential customers. Therefore, having a complete and attractive profile on your fan page will be essential to gaining followers and, of course, retaining them.

Here we would like to focus on how to make a creative Facebook page so that when a user reaches your fan page, they are impacted by what they see about your brand and follow you without thinking twice.

Many brands do not take care of their presence on social networks. They even abandon them over time. Something that, by the way, can damage your brand image.

If you want to make a good impression, your cover letter on Facebook will count for a lot, so you must take care of how to make a Facebook page so that it is attractive to the audience of your brand or business.

How to make a creative and original Facebook page

To create an attractive Facebook page, one of the things that most impact users are its design; this is your profile photo and your cover photo (or video).

But, in addition to the visual elements, there are other details that we will see below that also matter and that are essential to optimize your profile. Take note!

Add an online profile picture with your brand or business

In the profile image, we recommend that you add your logo if you are a company or a photo of yourself if you are working on your personal brand. The important thing is to add an image with which your audience will quickly identify you.

Tip: The photo must be of the highest quality. That is, it should not be pixelated, and the appropriate size is 180x180px.

How do you think users who enter your fan page would react to seeing a blurred profile image? They would leave because you do not give a serious and professional image.

Invest in the cover when making a Facebook page

The cover photo has a dimension of 828×315 px. It is the first element that your users will see when entering your fan page. So take advantage of this space to impress them and leave a good feeling!

Note: Now, instead of adding a social media image to your cover, you also have the option to embed a video between 20 and 90 seconds and 820 x 312 px in size. If you choose this option, forget about adding medium and low-quality videos and invest in professionals to help you create professional videos.

Fill in the descriptions in detail

It is very important that you fill in these fields so that the user who does not know you at all knows who you are, what you do, and what your goal is.

Therefore, complete the descriptions to the maximum, avoiding filler phrases that do not contribute anything, and add links to the website, blog, or eCommerce. And say in which other social networks you have a presence.

Do not leave the Information or About section blank

Just as important are descriptions like the “Information” section. Here, you must delve into explaining who you are and what users will find on this fan page.

Tip: This message must be short and original since you must impact those users who come to you for the first time.

Create a call to action buttons

This Facebook function is very interesting for us, especially when you want to take your users to a specific site (a form on your website, a landing page, a YouTube video, etc.).

Facebook gives you numerous options to create calls to action. So, choose the one that best suits your goals.

Apply visual marketing to your posts

After reviewing the more technical part of making a Facebook page catchy, don’t forget about your feed! It is important to make eye-catching videos and give attractive images to users.

Keep in mind that, currently, what works the most is visual and interactive content because they are the ones that generate the most engagement among the audience. The most prominent are images, infographics, videos, GIFs, memes, or presentations.

Note: GIFs and memes are two of the content formats that are achieving the most reach on social networks. We show you the tools you have at your fingertips to make your own GIFs and memes without knowing anything about design in a few minutes.

Create valuable posts for your audience

There are many brands that fill their feed with promotional posts, and they are not aware that the only thing they get is to scare users away.

Try to keep your posts varied. To do this, we advise you to:

70% of your posts are relevant to the content.

20% are publications from other brands, influencers, or bloggers who are not competitors.

10% is promotional content.

Highlight your most relevant posts

Do you want your users to see a specific post that interests you when they enter? You will only have to pin the post for it to appear in your feed in the first place.


Creating a fan page can be done by anyone, but if you want to make a creative Facebook page that will attract thousands of followers from your target audience, remember to follow these tips!

Also, you should not forget to publish periodically and check that the content you publish is interesting to your community. To do this, you must follow an editorial calendar to organize yourself and know in advance what topics to deal with and what objective you want to achieve (educate, raise awareness or motivate sales).

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