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How To Learn Quran By Heart Quickly?

Quran Memorization, or memorizing the Quran, is an obligation upon every Muslim and also one of the most rewarding acts of worship as it brings about tremendous benefits both in this world and the next. Memorizing the Quran from scratch can be hard to do, but with the proper online tools and techniques, learning how to learn Quran by heart quickly has never been easier! (If you wish to learn Quran online, uk).

The Benefits Of Memorizing The Qur’an

Memorizing Qur’an is a tremendous gift to yourself, and a great way to benefit from it is by encouraging your child to memorize it. The benefits are well documented, but children will also gain an understanding of their religion as they read through chapters that interest them, as well as learn about its history. As for adults, you’ll find there’s no end to how far you can go with memorization.

For example, some can recite over 20 pages of the Qur’an from memory—and if you’re able to do so in Arabic only (no translation), you’ll be honored with a special title! There’s an immense amount of pride and dignity in being able to do so.

Steps For Memorizing The Qur’an

The process of memorizing the Qur’an is a little more detailed than just reciting over and over until you’ve mastered it. In order to make sure you’re learning everything correctly, try breaking down your goal into manageable chunks. Make flashcards or use an online program like Anki, which can track how well you know each section. 

A brief explanation of how Surah al-Fatiha works: Al-Fatiha (The Opening) is one of three Surahs that are recited during every prayer throughout a Muslim’s life. It’s also known as al-Fatihah, meaning the opening. Muslims believe that all other prayers should be offered after completing Al-Fatiha.

That said, Muslims aren’t expected to memorize it word for word in Arabic; instead, they’re encouraged to recite it from memory in their own language. This makes learning and mastering Al-Fatiha much easier than other parts of the Qur’an. 

To get started:

  1. Try reciting each verse aloud five times until you can do so without hesitation or error.
  2. After repeating each verse five times, move on to another verse and repeat until you’ve gone through them all at least once.
  3. Start over again if needed until you can complete an entire reading without having to stop or repeat anything.

Best Methods For Learning Qur’an In Urdu

The best method to learn Qur’an quickly is to have a teacher who can correct your mistakes. If you do not have a teacher, then you should read carefully and choose only one tajweed method that feels natural to you, and stick with it. Your choice of reading style will be dependent on personal taste and familiarity with the Arabic language. You may find a different style easier in certain Quran chapters than in others, but most commonly, people either start from ‘alaam al-fateen’ or from ‘ha’ (hafs).

As for errors in pronunciation, it is recommended that you try to memorize one juz per day until complete so that all possible mistakes can be noticed early on before they are imprinted into your brain. It is always better to learn slowly and correctly rather than fast and incorrectly. 

In order to learn Quran online UK, you need a reliable source that provides authentic recitation of quranic verses. Also, you must understand how our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh has used each letter during his lifetime as he recited Quranic verses. This way, you will get an idea about how each letter was used by him when he recited the holy book of Allah SWT.

Applying Exercises in Teaching Purification of Thoughts

The Prophet Muhammad said that one should learn and recite Surah Al-Alaq and Surah Mulk before going to bed. These two surahs are about the purification of thoughts and submission to Allah (SWT). Along with reciting these surahs, we must also practice in accordance with its meanings.

In one hadith narrated by Aisha (R), she explains that if a person wanted his day to be full of good deeds, he should act upon four things; observe fast for Ramadan, establish regular prayer habits, perform charity as often as possible and read Qur’an regularly.

Applying Exercises in Achieving Ihsan (Perfection)

Today, a common trend that can be seen among people is to memorize portions of the Qur’an as opposed to committing it to memory in its entirety. This brings about a problem wherein a person does not learn to truly understand what he is reciting. He will recite sentences and verses without knowledge of their meaning; therefore, his reward for reciting them would be reduced. Ihsan, or perfection in worship, is achieved when one seeks to understand exactly what he reads and strives hard to achieve true understanding while practicing proper pronunciation and timing.

Applying Exercises in Achieving Ihsan (Perfection) gives you easy steps on how to apply exercises in achieving Ihsan (perfection). It shows you how to apply your efforts and attain excellence by reading with understanding. The book also provides beneficial tips on how you can get started with your daily routine of learning the Qur’an by heart.

You will find helpful information about: What are some ways we can improve our ability to concentrate during our daily readings? How do we deal with distractions during our readings? What are some ways we can help ourselves remember better? How can we make our everyday life more conducive to learning Qur’an by heart? Why should we strive to gain mastery over all parts of Al-Qur’an and not just focus on memorizing Surahs like Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Nas, etc.? When should we start applying these exercises in achieving Ihsan (perfection)? And much more!


The best way to learn Qur’an is to recite it with a teacher or with a group of people. You can read an entire surah (chapter) daily and then ask someone to correct you at that end of it. You can also get an app like Quraan Flashcards, which will help you memorize the Qur’an as well as act as a virtual teacher that keeps track of your progress.