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How to keep up appearances at the office while going through a divorce?

Getting a separation can be probably the hardest thing you do. Your marriage was built on the foundations of love and trust and now that those foundations are no longer there, it can make you feel quite insecure. It’s normal to feel irritable, in any event, when you’re working. However, it’s incredibly important to maintain your composure when you’re in a professional environment, as you never know how upper management will perceive your actions. Once you’ve spoken to a divorce lawyer and are sure about the proceedings, you can use the following tips to take care of your mental and emotional health, even at work.

5 techniques that can help you handle your divorce at office!

Following are the 5 tips that should help you get through your day at office with practically no issues.

  • Don’t tell your colleagues: While it’s perfectly fine to tell your friends and family about the upcoming divorce proceedings, it’s not okay to do the same with your colleagues. This is because they might end up gossiping about it, which can create a very hostile work environment for you. Additionally, even concerned colleagues can derail your mind from your work as they are likely to ask about the divorce, which can prove to be very distracting. Once the divorce is final and you’re feeling up for conversations about it, you can tell them.
  • Find a safe space: Sometimes, emotions can be overwhelming and there’s not much we can do about it. Locate a safe space in your office building (such as the washroom) and head there when you need to vent your emotions away from prying eyes. Don’t make these trips too frequent though! This is more of an emergency-based requirement than something you need to make a habit out of.
  • Create short task lists: It can be very hard to focus on your work when you have so much on your mind. A great way to avoid thinking about the divorce and its repercussions are by breaking down your work into small task lists and focusing only on that. This will help you stay productive and will make sure that you don’t lose sight of all the work that needs to be done during the day. Carrying out your responsibilities will likewise fill you with a feeling of achievement that can help with lifting your spirits while you’re working.
  • Pack healthy meals: When you’re in the middle of divorce proceedings, it’s very easy to lose track of your daily needs and to stop taking care of yourself sufficiently. One of the most commonly neglected habits is our eating habits. People going through emotional turmoil will reach for that unhealthy bag of chips or instant noodles as they cannot face the thought of cooking. Instead of doing this, either subscribe to a healthy meals service or ask your family to help out during this time. It’s important to pack healthy food for the office to keep your mind and body functioning optimally.
  • Don’t make life-changing decisions: A divorce is already a major upheaval for most people. If you happen to get a promotion in the middle of divorce proceedings and you’re feeling unsure about it, then take a moment or two before making any huge decisions. You can’t let your sentiments about the separation impact your overall decision-making process. You may end up making decisions that you’ll regret later on.

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