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How To Improve Your Customers’ User Experience

If you simply log in to your Play Store or Apple App store there are at least 5 different alternative apps for you to choose from regardless of the need. The competition is high so you need to make a product that stands out. However, in the recent past, simply standing out is not enough, answering your customers’ needs, empowering their life and providing a solution is the best way to get new customers and retain the ones you do.

You cannot promise the Earth, moon and stars if you can only offer them one of those. The key to building a product is the understand what the user needs and not what just you need. Here are the steps to improve your customer’s experience in the most suitable way.

Identify a gap

You will only know what you are missing when you find out that there is a lag. The best way to find this out is by constantly viewing and collecting insight into your user’s journey on your application. Where do they fall out or stop using the product, review feedback and find out what issues they may have? It is only through this that your customers will be able to tell you what they find lacking from the app.

Carry out interviews, surveys

Once you have identified the problem now you need to have a selection of probable solutions. For this to take place your best approach is to interview these users and also those out of the mainstream line of question. Your selection of interviewees should be diverse and from all walks of life. This helps you bring in a broader understanding and even have insight into solutions you may have not had before. Once this is completed narrow them down to the best fit.

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Create prototypes

Before you send out your latest update or even a new version you should ideally first test it. For this, you need to carry out usability testing, where you have users test your prototype. Record and save their feedback which more often than not will mean your team is going to have to make changes. However, once this happens you are sending out a tried, tested and verified version meaning you are answering your users’ questions.

Continuous improvement

In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to have answers all the time. Keep your product up to date, interesting and fresh no matter what it is. The best way to entice customers is by giving them something they did not think they required but now cannot live without. If you have understood the principle of being proactive you are already one step ahead of the game.

Value proposition

Market your app based on the value it brings. Does it do as it says, is the process easy and equitable and lastly does it enrich your user’s life and experience. If you are able to answer those 3 questions your UX is likely to be successful already.

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