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How to Hide a Murphy Bed?

How to hide a murphy bed in Greenbay, WI? If you’re looking to save space in your home and need some extra storage, installing a Murphy bed can be the perfect solution! Here are some of the best Murphy bed stores that offer installation and assembly services.

General Tips For A Murph Bed

The Best Murphy Bed Stores in Greenbay, WI. Have you just moved into a new apartment, dorm room or other small space and are in need of some extra sleeping space? For many people, traditional beds are taking up valuable square footage where something more practical may do instead. Murphy beds help solve these issues as they fold up out of sight when not needed and use very little space when not in use. But selecting one can be difficult because there aren’t that many manufacturers who make good quality products anymore.

Choose The Right Frame For The Job

As with any project, if you’re looking to install a Murphy bed in your home, it’s important that you choose a frame that fits your needs. That means going beyond simply finding one that looks nice and choosing instead one with plenty of storage space and good visibility for where you plan on placing it.

Hide It With A Bookcase

One easy way to conceal your Murphy bed is with a simple bookcase. A major benefit of using bookshelves as room dividers is that it allows you to add storage space, which will come in handy if you have limited space in your bedroom. Bookshelves are also cost-effective and can be picked up used or bought new for just a few hundred dollars.

Use Mirrors To Make It Seem Bigger

A Murphy bed will always be smaller than your typical queen-size mattress, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on finding plenty of space for it. In fact, mirrors are an excellent way to make a small room feel bigger, which is exactly what you want when trying to find a place for your Murphy bed.

Choose The Best Orientation

Murphy beds are meant to be installed along walls, typically inside of an alcove that can be closed off with drapes or curtains. Before you shop for anything, measure your space and determine whether you need it on your left or right side. Murphy beds can run up against windows as well, but keep in mind that windows make for bad transitions between wall and mattress if you want your bed out at all times. Best Murphy Bed Stores

Doors Are Essential To This Type Of Folding Bed Setup

Murphy beds don’t come with their own doors, but there are doors available for them. Hanging an actual door over your Murphy-bed frame is an option that looks almost like you have a built-in system. Doors aren’t necessarily recommended because they get heavy use, which can make them pop off their tracks or fall off entirely.

What Is Allowed In A Murphy Bedroom?

Murphy beds are among some of our favorite pieces of furniture. That being said, we’re frequently asked, what can go in a Murphy Bedroom? While you can place almost anything inside your Murphy Bedroom that you would in any other room, there are some specific guidelines and special considerations that must be made

Staying Safe And Away From Injury

Murphy beds are a great solution for those who have space issues in their homes, and they can provide an extra sleeping area in areas like basements or living rooms. But if you plan on using one, be sure that it’s installed correctly and safely; here are some suggestions for how to do so.

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