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How to Give Feedback on Good Customer Service

Good customer service is the main aim of every business. Many companies nail it that improves the overall customer experience.

What is good customer service? It is when you can aid your customers by providing them with an experience by fulfilling their needs. The key is to meet customers’ expectations and do it every time the customer reaches out to your brand.

Reasons to give importance to good customer service:

  • 80% of the customers will switch to a competitor after having just one bad experience.
  • 77% of the customers stay loyal to a company that offers good customer service whenever they have an issue.
  • 75% of the customers are willing to spend more to buy from a company that provides good customer experiences.
  • Half of the customers say that customer experience is more important to them.

This article will cover:

How does good customer service help brands?

How can you share feedback on good customer service?

Summing it up

How does good customer service help brands?

Customer service is the holy grail for every business. Your entire business stands on customer satisfaction, and there is no magic formula for it.

Customer service does not depend on what customers are saying about your brand. It depends on what a brand you can do with the feedback and improve the pain points.

Customers tend to share their feedback on reviewing websites, social media, etc. People will read these reviews and tend to make their decisions. That’s how important good customer service is.

Below are some more reasons:

  • CX improvement

The customer feedback is not always about your products, but they are more about the customer experience.

The customer’s journey from start to finish determines the customer’s experience. Through this process, if the customer gets exhausted, they might stay away from your brand. Therefore, a brand should keep all the little things as payment procedures user-friendly.

Customers should get everything at their fingertips. The key to providing good customer service is to improve the customer experience. And by collecting customer feedback, you can surely use it to better your customer experience in the long run.

  • Improved business

Good customer service helps to improve the business impeccably. You can know the customer’s desires via the feedback that gets collected. The feedback you receive allows you to target the customers who are happy with your customer service.

This way, you can market your products to the ideal customers without needing to do anything fancy. It is a simple way of improving your sales without any need for the cost of acquisition.

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer lifetime value solely depends on the number of funds a customer brings to the company via their engagement. Here, you can see the importance of customer service. Customer service is the direct way for these investors. The customers help to portray the company’s image in a good way.

Investors will look at the customer service levels and invest in the brand. Therefore, improve your customer service, and you can get funds from the investors.

How can you share feedback on good customer service?

As a brand, if your customer likes your product, you need to know the feedback. If you don’t get any feedback from your customers, there is no parameter to judge.

There are several ways of sharing your feedback regarding good customer service. Check them:

  • Via surveys, feedback forms

As a brand that is looking to improve its customer service. It is the best way to do this by conducting surveys regularly. Most brands do follow the old approach of taking feedback using offline forms. The problem with this method is the tracking issue.

The surveys should be easier to understand, complete and help to get precise feedback. Want to collect lots of feedback and create your template? You can get all this in one place by using customer feedback software.

The software will allow you to get real-time feedback, carry out quick surveys, and generate feedback from the customer to improve customer service delivery.

For example: If you run a restaurant, you can share the feedback form with your customers. You can share it before the meal gets served or even after they get done with their food. The survey should contain questions on how customer service can get improved.

  • On social media

Nowadays, the customers are tech-savvy, and they know the power of social media. A satisfied customer can share the review directly on their social media channels. As a brand, you can also ask the customer to share the feedback by asking for a poll on the brand’s social media page.

  • Kiosk

A kiosk is a powerful way to share feedback in real-time. You will require a tablet, an account with your customer feedback software. Display the kiosk in your area and get feedback to convert your customers into loyal customers by gathering their feedback. Here are some tips for creating an effective kiosk survey:

  1. Don’t make the surveys too long.
  2. Don’t make it too complicated.
  3. Don’t ask for more than one open-ended response.
  4. Include a visible call to action signage.
  • Google reviews

Google reviews have their authority, and people read them before finalizing a purchase or service. Google reviews are necessary as they offer:

  1. Help build social proof.
  2. It provides positive reviews for other customers.
  3. It helps in better decision-making of your product.
  4. Customers will see truthful and honest reviews.

For brands, you need to check the Google reviews that get submitted regularly and try to respond to them all. It will leave a positive impression on other customers to make a decision.

  • Via emails

Customers who have found your customer service apt can contact you via email. They might look at email better way of communicating with the brand directly. Be open to receiving feedback via your email and have a team monitoring them. Regularly responding to all emails as feedback is to improve customer experience and your product in the long run.

Summing it up

Providing good customer service allows your customers to build trust in your brand. And when a customer feels that they are getting quality customer service, they do their bit by sharing their feedback. Be open to receiving any feedback regarding your product/service. Keeping good customer service is the way to turn your customers into loyal ones.

Author Bio: Sonika Aggarwal is an experienced Content Marketer and Digital Strategist. With 5+ years of experience in the SaaS Industry, covering customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and NPS. She loves to read and network with like-minded people from the SaaS industry in her free time.

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