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How To Get The Most Out Of Medical Astrology?

Soha is a Hindu girl. She was living in the hostel for her higher studies. All of a sudden she got sick. After which she got admitted to the hospital. But there is no improvement in her health. Her family spent a lot of money to improve his health. But there is no result. So one of her aunts told them to be concerned the Medical Astrology. 

After that Soha’s mom follow medical astrology online. where she is able to find the best astrologer who guided her about her daughter’s health. With proper remedies. They analyze the health results of the person after seeing the position of planets and stars in their horoscope. Soha’s mother followed the proper instructions and remedies given by the astrologer. Due to this, there is an improvement in Soha’s health.

Diseases are part of our body. Today the advancement in techniques can identify diseases. But it cannot identify it previously. The disease is recognized after some symptoms. As we know astrology is part of India for many years. Most people think astrology is for kundali matching, finding doshas, etc. But it can also tell you about your health-related issues also. 

From a free horoscope online you can see your horoscope for health. There are many expert astrologers over there which can tell you about your health-related issues. They examine the effect of planetary position and stars on the person’s health and tell you accordingly. 

How Does Medical Astrology Provide You Solutions For Disease Due To Different Planets?

As you know astrology is a science that deals with the study of planets and stars in individual horoscopes. It can tell you about the problem along with the solution. Medical astrology is the type that deals with health-related issues and solutions. 

Problem due to planet Moon: 

If the position of the moon is affected in your horoscope. It will affect your mind which causes irritation. 

  • To overcome this you can do some remedies
  • Do not cage the birds. Feed them. 
  • The business related to milk will not suit you. 
  • Respect your mother and bring her blessings. 

Problem due to planet Sun: 

It is connected to the head, eyes, heart, and bile. So bad sun positioning can result in problems related to these. 

Now Question arises about how to find remedies to these problems? You can go for medical astrology remedies to find the remedies for problems related to the sun planet. Some of the remedies you can follow are: 

  • Don’t leave the house before having sugar water. 
  • Give food to the monkey and black cow.
  • Take gifts from your parents only. Don’t take it from anyone else. 

Problem due to planet mercury: 

Mercury is the planet of intelligence. Its mispositioning can cause problems related to the neck, voice, and skin. 

 To reduce problems related to Mercury you can follow a free health horoscope for remedies. Let’s see some of the remedies

 Before wearing the new clothes just wash them. 

  • Donations of rice and milk at the temple will help you. 
  • Alcohol and meat should not be consumed. 
  • Drinking water in silver glass can help you.
  • Take out food for cows before you eat.