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How to get the CFA ESG Certificate Study Material? 

ESG refers to environmental, social and governance issues. It is a broad term and has huge popularity among graduate degree holders. It is associated with the Sustainability Jobs available in the different government sectors and private sectors. If you have a graduate degree, then you can easily apply for the CFA ESG Certificate. 

Usually, people have questions in their minds regarding preparing for the CFA ESG examination, like what study material to choose or which portal to visit.

Are you also preparing for this exam to get social governance jobs, ESG investing jobs, ESG analyst jobs, and more? If yes, then it is important for you to understand the importance of the right CFA Investment Foundation Study Material.

In order to succeed in the examination, it is necessary to have the right CFA ESG Certificate Study Material in hand. 

Where can I get the CFA ESG Certificate Study Material? 

This is one of the most common and most important questions that usually students ask while preparing for their examination. If you are looking out for the CFA Investment Foundation Study Material, then, first of all, you should visit the official website of the examination and later on, you can also go to the different portals available online.

Yes, there are several portals available offering you the best CFA ESG study material to prepare and ace the exam.

What would I get in the study material? 

Study material available at the official website and other portals include the question bank, practice question papers, study notes, books and other important stuff like the syllabus and exam pattern.

  • With the help of the question bank, you will get to know about the type of questions you will be facing in the examination.
  • The practice question papers will help you out in completing your revision. Also, by solving the practice question paper, you can enhance your problem-solving speed. Also, you will get to know about your weaker parts and stronger points.
  • With the help of books, you will get to know about all the topics included in the syllabus, and also, you can clear all your concepts.
  • The CFA ESG syllabus will help you out in getting details about the topics included. By going to the syllabus, you will get to know which topics to revise and what to avoid.
  • Along with the syllabus, the exam pattern also plays an equally important role. It will help you in understanding the marking criteria and weightage criteria of the examination.

If you have the right study material handy, then it will become easier for you to prepare for the examination and score good marks.

How to get the CFA ESG Certificate Study Material? 

This is something important to focus upon. You can either download the CFA investment foundation study material or simply purchase it by paying the amount for the physical copy.

  • Once you visit the website (official or any other), you will see a tab having details about the CFA ESG Exam.
  • Click on the tab, and then you will get different options.
  • Choose the study material option and then select the download / Purchase tab.
  • If you choose the download Tab, then within seconds, that particular material will be downloaded to your device, and you can easily accept it in PDF form.
  • As we have stated, if you are willing to have the physical copy, then you have to pay the particular amount for the study materials by using the appropriate payment method.


Study material plays an important role in preparing for the examination. It is also necessary to have the right material in hand so that you can avoid any further problems.


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