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How to Get Pregnant After Birth Control – Tips and Tricks

Before you try any techniques for getting pregnant after birth control, you have to do one thing first–prepare. Being on birthcontrol for some time have altered how your body works. It’s not normal anymore that is why you can never expect you can get pregnant immediately after stopping taking pills or taking off any protection. You must be prepared in a wise and proper manner.

Here are your preparation tips based on the method you used:


Only after stopping taking the pills for three months to one year that you can successfully get pregnant. Doctors advise also that you should not stop taking pills immediately. Rather, finish your last cycle before you stop the pill. After that, wait for your first menstrual cycle or two before you try getting pregnant after birth control. At this time, your body has already achieved its normal rhythm again.

Intra-Uterine Device

This birth control method is a barrier, just like the condom. After the IUD is removed, you are already safe and ready to get pregnant.


If you were implanted with Norplant, it will be a bit difficult to determine when you’ll be ready to start trying getting pregnant. The length of waiting will depend upon how long the implants were in place before the removal or if all the implants were removed. But usually, pregnancy will only happen six months after the removal. Some women get pregnant faster than this, though.

Depo Provera

Every shot of Depo Provera can take effect for about three months. Getting pregnant right after that three-month period is almost impossible. You need at least three months to as long as 18 months before you can start getting pregnant after birth control.


Just like the IUD, you can be pregnant if you have intercourse without the condom barrier.

You’re done with the first preparation if all the traces of birth control from your body are gone. It may still take time before you finally get pregnant. Some women wait for years before they got pregnant. The important thing is that they got pregnant, nonetheless.

You can increase your chance of getting pregnant after birth control, though. Familiarizing your fertility and having intercourse during your most fertile days are natural ways to improve the possibility. If natural methods won’t work, then better consult a doctor. She will recommend taking fertility drugs or undergo medical procedures.

Knowing more information on how other women are getting pregnant after birth control will help, too. Sometimes, the conventional methods we know are just plain ineffective. There are books or e-books out there, detailing other natural methods to ensure your pregnancy. There’s no harm on trying these information especially if the suggested methods are perfectly safe.

The author, just like many women out there, experienced difficulty getting pregnant after using different birth control methods. But because of her burning desire to have her own baby, she tried everything–from the simplest home remedies to the most expensive medical procedures. Find out how she finally got pregnant using a natural method. She believes that getting pregnant after birth control is possible as long as you don’t lose hope.

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