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How to Get an India Business Visa and Medical Visa Application

What is an Indian business visa?

Business Indian Visa is an electronic travel permit issued to visitors from 165 eligible countries around the world for Indian e-business visas who want to visit India for technical reasons or attend business meetings. These online visas are also issued to individuals who want to start a business in India, set up an industrial enterprise, give lectures under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN), conduct business through buying/selling, or participate in trade fairs or business. Exhibition

Indian e-business visa fee

For Indian Business e-Visa you have to pay two types of fees, the Indian Government e-Visa Fee and Visa Service Fee. Service fees are charged to process your visa and ensure you receive your e-visa as soon as possible. Government fees are charged by the policy of the Government of India.

It is important to note that both Indian e-Visa service fees are non-refundable as it is for processing applications. For example, if you make a mistake in the application process and your e-business visa is denied, you will have to pay the same fee for re-application. Therefore, you become interested as soon as you fill in the details and follow all the instructions.

You can pay using your debit/credit card or even PayPal. This elaborate provision gives you ample options for a smooth payment process.

Apply for India Medical Visa

The Indian government has extended medical visas for foreign nationals around the world for special treatment in India for extended periods. High-quality healthcare and technologically advanced equipment attract patients from both developing and developing countries.

Furthermore, the affordable accommodation and hospitality industry make Indian hospitals a great option for many patients worldwide, not to mention the translators available.

International travelers who wish to go for treatment under the Indian Medicine system or for any other specialized treatment at a reputed and recognized hospital or medical center in India can apply for Indian Medical e-Visa or Electronic Medical Visa through our online visa application system.

Read on to find out if you are eligible and if you need to apply for an e-medical visa successfully.

Do you qualify?

It is important to note that the Indian e-Medical Visa is available online for citizens of 165 countries around the world. As an applicant, you can view the complete list of countries eligible for an Indian Medical Visa to know if you can apply for an e-Medical Visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian E-Medical Visa:

  • Before you apply for an e-medical visa in India,
  • It should be clear that you have created first aid guidelines in your own country and then you have been recommended for specialist treatment in India. You will need that referral letter.
  • You must seek medical treatment only from a reputable institution that specializes in the treatment of this condition.

If you go for treatment from a specialist who is not recognized and licensed by the Government of India, your e-medical visa application will fail. The following list of illnesses (not a complete list) will be the subject of initial consideration: serious illnesses such as neurosurgery; Eye disorders; Heart problems; Kidney disease; Organ transplantation; Congenital disorder; Gene therapy; Radiotherapy; Plastic surgery; Joint replacement, among other ailments.

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