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How to Fix Invalid XML Error: Cannot Start MS Outlook

MS Outlook users have become dependent on it to the point that they cannot switch to another email program if Outlook has issues. Here are instances where the issue isn’t a big deal, and the user can live with it, or come up with a solution. There are certain errors cannot be ignored. One of these errors that are users have reported is when Outlook fails to open. Outlook application doesn’t open and gives an error that reads: “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook.” The error further states that there’s the Invalid XML and the view cannot be loaded.The issue is bringing users to a halt since no email functions is able to be executed in the event that Outlook isn’t even open. It is impossible to even read emails, much less perform other tasks. On this page, we’ll assist you in understanding and fixing this problem one-for-all.

What exactly is Invalid the XML Error

Outlook users can encounter this issue when Outlook is unable to open and displays an error on the form of a pop-up.

The error is “Cannot begin Microsoft Outlook”. It is not able to launch it in the Outlook window. Invalid XML The view can’t load .Therefore, users are unable to use the Outlook application because of this error. In most cases this error does not appear constant and it is not fixed.

The reason for Invalid XML Error

Before we go on to resolution techniques, Let us first consider the causes that lead the error. There are a variety of causes that could trigger an Invalid XML error. Here are some of the most frequent reasons for this error.

  • Navigation pane issue with configuration

The navigation pane is the tab which appears on the left-hand side of Outlook and lets you navigate between various functional areas like Calendar Contacts, Contacts and Mail Notes, Tasks and more. The settings for this Navigation pane are saved in an XML file that is located in the Outlook folder. Editing the XML file could create this problem. Additionally, any corruption or other damage to the file can also trigger this error.

  • Corruption of the hard drive

A corrupted hard drive could create problems. In the event that the XML file that is used for the navigation pane is in a corrupt sector, the application is unable to access it and successfully process it. This can result in Invalid XML Error.

  • Running Outlook in compatibility mode

Sometimes, you might need to launch Outlook using compatibility mode in order to resolve any other issues that you’ve encountered. However, there are many features and settings removed when you are in compatibility mode.The navigation pane can also be affected by using Outlook with compatibility modes. It may encounter an incorrect XML error.

  • Running an older Version of Outlook

This issue isn’t common however it has been reported in some instances to alter the configurations of the navigation pane. A very old or outdated version of Outlook could cause this issue.

How can I fix the invalid XML Error?

We are aware of this Invalid XML error, what it is and why it could affect you. We’ll now move on to correct this error.

  • Reset Navigation Pane In the event that resetting your navigation panel doesn’t solve the problem, then there is a chance that it is because the XML file is corrupted and Outlook cannot read it, nor can it reset it. Deleting the file manually and then re-starting Outlook will result in creating a brand new XML file that has default settings. Follow these steps to accomplish the identical.
    1. Use the Windows+R keys on your keyboard.
    2. This will bring up to the Run window.
    3. When you are in the Run window, copy and paste the below command: ‘Outlook.exe”/resetnavpane’
    4. Try running the Outlook once more and it should be working perfectly. If not, you can proceed to the next procedure.
  • Remove corrupt XML file: When resetting the pane’s navigation did not solve the problem, then it is possible because there is a chance that the XML file is corrupted and Outlook is unable to read it or reset it. Deleting the file manually and then re-starting Outlook will result in creating a fresh XML file that is set to default settings. Follow these steps to accomplish the identical.
    1. Use the Windows+R keys on your keyboard to start the Run dialog box.
    2. In the run box, paste “%appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook” and press Enter.
    3. It will start this Windows Explorer window and take you to the Outlook configuration directory. There is an XML file in this directory likely to be named “Outlook.xml”.
    4. Remove the XML file and then restart Outlook.

If you are still experiencing the same problem, move on to the next procedure.

  • Disable the compatibility mode
    1. Go to the Start menu and enter Outlook.exe.
    2. Outlook.exe icon of the Outlook application will appear in search results. Click on it with the right mouse button and then click Properties.
    3. A new window will open to display Outlook.exe properties. Select the Compatibility tab.
    4. In the compatibility mode, there’s an option to “Run this application in compatibility mode:”. Check this box and select Apply and then click OK.
  • Repair corrupt PST files

Sometimes the hard drive as well as Outlook data files can be damaged and can cause this error. If your PST file is corrupted it is necessary to fix it with an expert Outlook Repair tool. Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool can provide the solution to your concerns in such a situation. It’s a highly efficient but simple tool that will fix you PST file and rid it of all corruption in just a short amount of time. The GUI is very smooth and easy to use, and you will not require any guidance to fix your PST file with it. After the PST file has been repaired with the aid of this tool, you can restore it into Outlook and the problem should be resolved.


This blog talked about how to fix the Invalid XML Error that prevents Outlook application from opening. We first explained the cause of the error and what it signifies. Then, we looked at the different causes of the error and discussed the reasons why these causes can result in the error. In the following section, we discussed several ways to address the issue and rid of the error. We discussed everything from the most popular fix to the seldom needed solution to resolve the issue, regardless of what the root cause is.

At the conclusion, we recommended an Outlook repair tool that can help in situations where PST restoration is your only option in the event that you’re PST file is corrupt as well. The Regain Outlook PST Repair tool can be employed to solve Outlook PST corruption issues. We hope you are successfully able to get your Outlook functioning again by using this blog.

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