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How To Download Fortnite On Android!

I’m Gonna Show You Guys How To Download For Fortnite On Android Phones And It Doesn’t Really Matter What Android Phone That You’re Using As You Can See I’m Using The Google Pixel 3 A You Should Technically Be Able To Do This Method For Any Other Android Smartphone That You Might Have And This Is The Most Easiest Most Efficient And The Fastest Way To Download Fortnite To Your Android Smartphones And When It Comes To The Operating System It Shouldn’t Really Matter What Android Version That You Have But Just For The Reference I Have The Android Version 10 If You’re Having Any Problems And Issues With This Method Make Sure You Update Your Android Devices And Some Of The Videos That I Watched On This Topic A Lot Of Them Were Mentioning The Sketchy Websites To Download Fortnite On Android I Don’t Get It Because You Can Literally Download A Fortnite From Their Official Website Now All You Have To Do Is Answer Some Security Question To Get The Permission So Today I’m Gonna Show You Guys How To Do This Quickly And Efficiently And Download Fortnite On Android Let’s Get Started.

Alright Guys First Things First You Can Go Ahead And Go To Google Chrome Or Any Other Browser That You Like And Look Up Fortnite On Android And Go To This Link Down Here I’m Gonna Leave The Link In The End. You Guys Can Go Ahead And Click On This As You Can See It Says Play Free Now And If You Guys Are On Their Desktop Version Of The Website You Guys Can Simply Scan The Qr Code That They Give You And It Leads You To This Website And After You’re On This WebsiteAll You Have To Do Is Click This Get Free Now And It Says That One Load Pop-up Will Appear Shortly As You Can See It Does You Just Hit Ok And Have Open It Says For Security Reason Your Phone Is Not Allowed To Install Unknown Apps From The Source You Just Go To Settings If This Is See Just Allow And Then Go Back Here Just Read The Process Get Epic Games Download Ok And Then Open It Says Do You Want To Install This Application Right There You’re Gonna Go Ahead And Hit Install App Installed Open. Boom Just Like This Epic Games Which Is The Launcher For Fortnite Is Fully Installed And Downloaded On My Android Device On The Google Pixel 3-8 So After That As You Can See This Is The Fortnite She’s Gonna Go Ahead And Click Install And It’s Talking About The Storage Make Sure You Have Storage And Vault Book And You Get Hit Allow Downloading Which Is Pretty Quick As You Can See But It All Depends On Your Wi-fi Speed Of Course My Wi-fi Speed Is Pretty Fast So It’s Downloading It Very Quickly Just Give It A Couple Of Seconds Until It’s Fully Downloaded On Device Boom Just Like This 49 Is Downloaded But It’s Giving Me This Pop-up It Says For Security Reasons Your Phone Is Not Allowed To Install Unknown Apps From This Source Once Again Just Gonna Go Ahead To The Epic Games Allow From This Swords Then Go Back And Install Just Preparing As You Can See You Want To Install This Application Of Course Had Installed As You Can See It Says App Installed All You Have To Do Hit Open And Then Allow All These Options Storage Contacts And Microphone Of Course You Want To Allow This And This App Was Built For An Older Version For Android You May Not Work Properly Try Checking For Updates Or Contact Developer Ok Even Though I Got That Pop-up Saying That It Might Not Work Properly It Should Work Perfectly Fine Maybe Certain Features Of It Might Not Work But If You’re Having This Issue Make Sure You Update Your Android Version To Latest Option That Is Available To You And After You Have Done That You Can Hit Sign In As You Can See I’m Gonna Sign In Account Let’s Wait Until It Goes In You Just Gonna Go Ahead And Click Install Don’t Go Anywhere Just Hit Install Automatic Updates Over Wi-fi Enabled It Is Updating At The Moment Let’s See How Long This Takes Usually The Fortnite Updates Are Pretty Lengthy So Let’s Give It A Couple Seconds.

Alright Guys As You Can See Fortnite  Is Fully Updated And I Can Play It That The Update Is Fully Installed I Can Go Ahead And Hit Play It Says Connecting And Loading This May Take A Few Seconds Which Is Totally Fine Alright As You Can See Fortnite Logging In You Can Rotate Your Device Head Except The License Agreement Boom As You Can See You Can Even Hear The Sound Guys Can Just Skip This I Want To Quickly Demonstrate That This 100% Works Just To Play The Fortnite. And This Is The Easiest Way To Download Fortnite On Android Smartphones Yeah Guys That Is Pretty Much It This Is The 100% Working Version Of Fortnite This Is The Easiest Most Efficient And Fastest Way To Download Fortnite On Android Devices.

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