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How to do At-Home Facial for Super Glowy Skin?

No woman can ever say no to a good hour of relaxing facial that pampers your tired and dull skin and leaves behind a luminous glow. After a really tired and hectic week full of work, getting facial treatments are must for defying skin problems and rejuvenating yourself. Luckily, to get that gorgeous glow, you don’t have to step up to the salon every time because you can do this fabulous job at home itself and pamper yourself with some self-care. If you belong to that group that prefers doing facials themselves from the comfort of home, this article is for you!

Forget the pricey salons and get soft, cushion-like skin at home itself by simply following the step-by-step guide from the comfort of home. It is not only cost-effective but also super relaxing as you don’t have to move to and fro for hours just to get the treatment done in salons. The heavenly feeling of getting your skin a facial where the face is not only deeply cleaned but also clears the clogged pores. Prepping your face well for all the make-up you are going to apply, getting your beauty treatment always keeps you self-prepared for upcoming occasions. Give the love your skin deserves by getting your hands on the following steps related to an at-home facial.

Steps to Do At-Home Facial

Cleanse Your Face Well 

It’s the summer season and even if it rains, the humidity makes the face oily and greasy. Therefore begin with cleansing the face to get a clear canvas that is free from dirt, oil, and sweat. You can use wet facial wipes before doing anything else and clean up all the sweat and oil. Before using any face care tools or applying any skin care product, it is important to focus on cleansing the traces of dirt, grime and leftover products applied previously. 

Exfoliate the Lips and Face 

Next, it’s time to exfoliate the skin by either using any face scrub or exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells and clear the clogged pores. Dull skin is majorly caused by dead skin cells on the skin surface. In case you want to opt for the natural way to scrub the face, then instead of using readymade scrub, make yours at home by using all the natural ingredients that can easily be found in the kitchen. You can use orange peels, coffee, or sugar to get rid of the dead skin. Move your fingers in a circular motion and start with the forehead move to the chin and then the cheeks. Continue doing this for the next few minutes and later wash your face with running water. 

Take Some Steam 

After exfoliation, now comes the step of pore opening. Taking steam helps to open the pores and enables the products to enter the skin in a proper way along with making the skin relaxed. Take some water in a container and heat it enough till the steam develops. Take the container off the gas and lean in to absorb the steam for a few minutes and cover your head with a cloth. This ensures that the heat gets trapped and you can take the steam properly. 

Apply Face Mask 

Once done with exfoliation, the skin becomes dry and needs some care and nourishment hence the next step is to apply a face mask. Applying a face mask makes you glow, pores are minimized and skin becomes soft and supple. Either use any instant face mask or make your homemade mask and apply it all over the face and relax. The face masks carry hydrating agents that make the skin feel hydrated and lightweight. You can also use a massage cream for the same by taking some in the bowl. While applying a face mask, be careful with your eyes, and lips and tie up your hair with a facial headband for hair so that the hair strands don’t fall in front of the eyes. Now wait for some time and rinse your face with cold water and wipe off with a dry towel after removing the facial headband.  

Apply Some Moisturizer 

Lastly, wrap up your facial routine by moisturizing the skin with face cream. Apply a bit of moisturizer to the face and apply it all over the face. You can also use a face serum to double the after effect of the at-home facial which helps to boost the skin glow and complexion. Not to mention, it adds a refreshing touch to the face and reduces skin oiliness and dryness. 

Give yourself some break from the regular skincare routine with an at-home facial and let your face get lit with a healthy glow. 



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