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How to Connect Roku to WiFi?

Roku is a brand of online media streaming devices. It offers to stream online content from a variety of services and providers like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. To watch your favorite content you have to set it up with your Tv. After setting up you can enjoy any web series, videos, movies, and other content. But it seems that, after setting up the Roku, it can’t connect to the WiFi. By which it isn’t able to stream any online content. So, with this blog, we will present you with methods for how to connect Roku to WiFi. But before connecting the Roku to WiFi you need some essential components, which we will discuss in the next section.

Essential Components You Need To Connect Roku to WiFi?

Before heading towards how to connect Roku to WiFi, you need the following elements which are:

  1. You need a Roku device and Roku TV.
  2. A Roku Remote Control.
  3. A WiFi router with wired and wireless ports.
  4. The password of the WiFi.
  5. An Ethernet cable.

If you have the above-listed elements, then proceed to the connecting process.

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How to Connect Roku to WiFi?

Note: Make sure that the Roku device and the WiFi router are connected to the power source. If it is connected then follow the given steps:

When you are setting up the Roku, you can be questioned the following: 

  1. In the very first step, you have to choose Wired for Ethernet Cable or Wireless for WiFi Connection.
  2. If you pick the Wired option, then you have to connect the Ethernet cable to the Router’s port and Roku’s port. It will create a direct connection to the home network. After this, you will have to continue with the setup process.

But, if you gi for a Wireless connection, then you must follow the next steps:

  1. After choosing Wireless, the Roku will start a Scan to catch your WiFi connection. But, if the Roku doesn’t scan your WiFi, and you can’t find it in the list, then pick the “Scan again to show the all network option”.

Note: If you put the WiFi router far from the Roku, then it will fail to read your WiFi network. So put them near to each other.

  1. Here, you can see a list of WiFis, thoroughly choose your Network.
  2. Now, the Roku will examine whether it will connect to your WiFi netwrok or not.
  3. After examination, you have to enter the network Password. Choose the Show Password icon, to see the password that you enter. 
  4. Finally, choose the Connect button.
  5. After the connection, your Roku automatically explores for the updates. If it discovers any, it will download and install it. 


With this blog, we try to help you with how to connect Roku to WiFi. Before initiating the procedure you have to need the components which we mention in the blog. If after following the above information, you can’t connect the Roku to WiFi, then call our Roku experts at +1844-244-1311.

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