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How to Choose Your Large Outdoor Ceiling Fan

An ideal choice for cooling off an outside area and open-air public places are large outdoor ceiling fans. Large outdoor ceiling fans assist control the air in places where a standard indoor fan cannot, such as restaurant-covered patios, open-air stadium concourses, and other outside public meeting locations. It’s a great method to keep patrons or members of your business comfortable, especially during the sweltering summer months. With flush mount possibilities, it even improves the design of your outdoor space. Any décor may be complemented with a large outdoor ceiling fan while yet getting the best circulation.

There are several kinds of outdoor ceiling fans.

If you require an outdoor commercial ceiling fan, you must first decide if a modest outdoor ceiling fan would be adequate. If not, there are a few more factors to take into account when choosing a large outdoor ceiling fan for your outdoor space.

Outdoor ceiling fans that are damp-rated: 

Unlike interior fans, outdoor ceiling fans can withstand damp and wet environments. Other ceiling fans, however, are dry-rated zones and should only be used inside. Ceiling fans that are designated as damp were constructed with coatings that can tolerate moisture and precipitation while avoiding rust and corrosion.

Wet Rated Ceiling Fan:

Wet Ceiling fans with a wet rating were made to tolerate moisture. They could be outside in the weather or perhaps be hosed off. Wet-rated fans are ideal for moist areas such as an outside covered patio, porches, or gazebos where the fan will be exposed to the weather.

Small outdoor ceiling fans: 

Small outdoor ceiling fans are a great cooling option for modest covered patios, porches, or gazebos. A typical tiny business fan rotates more quickly than an outdoor ceiling fan. High-speed fan rotation forces a lot of airflow into a small, focused area. Compared to bigger fans, a tiny, typical ceiling fan will be louder.

Large Commercial Outdoor Fans:

For large covered outdoor spaces like stadiums or restaurant patios, a huge outdoor industrial-style ceiling fan is ideal. Large industrial fans were made to move large amounts of air at slow speeds. Because of this, you will require fewer large outdoor ceiling fans to get the same result as many tiny fans.

Do huge commercial ceiling fans just belong in offices?

As compared to conventional little fans, giant outdoor ceiling fan blades have a greater reach, covering more square feet while making less noise and running more effectively. So, the quick response is no. A more effective way to keep commercial and residential outdoor environments cool and comfortable is with an outdoor ceiling fan. The fan may be used as a cooling or heating source because of its reversible motor and variable fan speed. 

Big industrial ceiling fans Singapore are outdoor rated, so as long as your outdoor living space is covered, you may take advantage of the best possible airflow in your house or other indoor space. EVEL Singapore offers a contemporary ceiling fan with a streamlined design that pushes a lot of air quietly. Find out more about how our advertising fans may benefit you.

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