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How To Choose The Best Miami Cuban Link Chain - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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How To Choose The Best Miami Cuban Link Chain

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When a norm for renowned rappers and superstars during the 80s, these chains have become progressively famous among beautiful people; today, you’ll find unmistakable rappers like Jay Z, Drake, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar donning this style. Probably the best rappers, competitors, and high-acquiring people have added Miami Cuban Chains to their assortment. Cuban connection chains have gotten back in the game and are a staple of extravagance for anybody who loves gems and gold. Buy the best & original quality gold and silver chains through our website and get a 30% discount using The Gld Shop Coupon Code while purchasing.

Excellent Cuban connections ought to be handcrafted and modified. The genuine Cuban Link starts in Miami. This plan is frequently alluded to as the Miami Cuban Link Chain and traces back to essentially the 1970s. In the wake of acquiring prominence, this style has been seen in numerous assertive citizenry.

White Gold 

White gold is made of pure gold and white metals like nickel, silver, and palladium, as a rule, with rhodium covering. White gold isn’t entirely made of gold. Different metals help to support the gold and increment its perpetual quality. The worth relies upon the karat and how much was utilized to create the chain. Spruce up or down with a 10-karat, 14-karat, or 18-karat white gold chain. Cuban connections Miami, Custom adornments Miami, Eric CRM Jewelers

The pros of white gold include that it’s:

  • More reasonable than platinum.
  • It was alloyed with more grounded metals than yellow gold, making it more challenging and scratch-safe.
  • Complements white jewels better compared to yellow gold — from specific perspectives.
  • Complements fair or blushing complexions.

Rose Gold 

Rose gold is number one among gatherers, known to be up-to-date and immortal. Rose gold is made of pure gold blended in with copper and silver combinations. Rose gold incorporates the entire group of red, rose, and pink gold shades. A radiant pinkish metal doesn’t discolor. Yet, like any variety of gold, rose gold gems should be cleaned and cleaned consistently.

The pros of rose gold include that it’s:

  • Frequently more reasonable than different metals since copper — the amalgam used to make rose gold — costs less.
  • Entirely sturdy because of the strength of copper — making rose gold harder than yellow or white gold.
  • A supplement to all complexions.

Yellow Gold

Our yellow gold Cuban connection chains include fine hand craftsmanship that exemplifies the good Cuban style. Yellow gold is pure gold blended with amalgam metals like copper and zinc.

The pros of yellow gold incorporate that it’s:

  • The most hypoallergenic of the relative multitude of three gold tones.
  • The perfect shade of the close pack of golds.
  • The least demanding to keep up with out of every one of the three gold variety types.
  • The most flexible and least demanding for goldsmiths to control.
  • A supplement to olive and hazier complexions.
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We offer thicknesses going from 7mm up to 35mm. Whether you’re searching for something calm or more stout, our choices will catch your style.


Higher Karat implies a more extraordinary level of gold.

Gold virtue decides the cost. The higher the gold rate, the more the chain will cost. The “Karat” is the unit we use to quantify the amount of gold in a ring or a piece of gems compared with available metals. A higher Karat implies more gold in your jewels. You can see from the picture underneath that 18K Gold contains 75% Gold, while 9K Gold includes a portion of that sum.


Watch Eric has top-quality Cuban Link Chains specially made and can change long from 18 crawls to 30 inches. Contingent upon the karat, kind of gold, and length, each chain is customized as you prefer and want style.

We are glad to direct you through and assist you with finding a Cuban Link Chain that best suits you. A Custom Cuban Chain is an ideal expansion to anybody’s assortment. All gold purities are 100 percent ensured.

Signature Box Lock

Consummating a lock on a chain must be the main piece of the Cuban Link chain itself. Our Signature Locks are hand-made and redone as you would prefer.

If you are just a tad more lavish, consider a jewel lock. Numerous custom locks might look pleasant outwardly yet not within. Watch as I show you the stuff to make a 12ct. VVS jewel lock for the scandalous 1 Kilo Gold Cuban Link Chain.

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