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How to Choose the Best Cape Cod Resort For Family Vacation with Kids

A lot of factors go into planning a family vacation. You have to think about the destination, transportation, and activities. And of course, there is the critical factor of accommodation. The hotel or resort you choose should have all the facilities you need to make the stay pleasant. 

You want family-friendly facilities that can cater to the needs of both the parents and the kids. Do they, for example, have babysitter services? Can they accommodate kid menus? What activities do they have to keep the little ones occupied and more?

Fortunately, you have tons of options in Cape Cod. The area is a popular tourist destination attracting almost  6 million people every year. Destinations like the Cape Cod National Seashore get upwards of 4 million visitors. As you can imagine, the availability of family resorts would not be a problem. 

The resort industry is a direct employer of up to 19,064 people, which accounts for 22.5% of the region’s direct employment. If you factor in indirect jobs and other induced impacts of the resort industry, it goes up to about 40% of the regional employment. 

So, rest assured that you cannot miss accommodation for the family if you visit Cape Cod. But, how do you go about choosing the best resort?

Resort Location

When you travel with the family, one of the key considerations should be convenience. You want proximity to amenities and plenty of activities. This would be unlike a romantic getaway with a spouse where you would wish for seclusion. When choosing a family resort, pay attention to the location. 

So, if you were going for a beach destination holiday, close access to the beach would be a top priority. One of the best Cape Cod hotels worth considering is the Chatham Bars Inn. Their website shows that it calls itself ‘Cape Cod’s most beautiful address.’ 

Due to its beachfront location, you wake up to the seaside breeze gently flowing through the room. It has a private beach overlooking Aunt Lydia’s cove. The kids can spend hours in the water while you relax at the beachside. The quarter-mile beach is private, thus ensuring security and seclusion from hundreds of beachgoers. 

Rooms and Facilities

Consider what it is you want when choosing a room. One critical deciding factor is the age of the kids. 

If they are teens, they would most likely want to stay in their own room. In such a case, ensure that the hotel has adjoining rooms. They may be teens on holiday, but you still want to be able to keep an eye on them. They won’t be up to much mischief if they know you can walk in anytime. 

For younger kids or toddlers, it is better to have a single-family room. It should be large enough to accommodate a cot or extra bed for the young ones. 

In terms of facilities, one critical aspect would be a bathtub. It would be hard trying to wash a toddler in the shower. 

Child-friendly resorts also know the importance of childproofing the rooms. It doesn’t hurt to ask for special accommodation for specific needs you may have. Crawling-age kids are curious and can stick their fingers into an electric socket. 

With the kids, you may need a kitchenette to whip up quick snacks/meals if you need to. If not, you should at least have a mini fridge, microwave, and kettle. That way, you can store snacks or prepare a cup of hot chocolate without going to the resort dining room.  

Kids’ Activities

The best places to stay in Cape Cod with families have plenty of kid’s activities. These young people get bored easily. As exciting as the beach may be, they will not want to be there every day of the vacation. 

Check that the family resort has:-

  • Kids clubs that offer different entertainment for kids. Ask if there is an additional cost you need to be aware of. Also, take note of the age limit and the type of activities on offer.
  • Slides, playgrounds, water parks, etc.
  • Swimming pool if you need to take a break from the beach. If you have very young kids, check that they have a kiddie pool.

Child Care Services

Sometimes you will need a break from the kids for a special date with your partner. Cape Cod has some fantastic nightlife that you would want to check out. But, it could even be a quick lunchtime rendezvous for the two of you. In that case, you will want someone who can watch the kids while away. 

The best Cape Cod family resorts will have babysitting or childcare services. Ask relevant questions such as:-

  • How much will you need to pay? Some will throw in the service as a value-add; others will charge.
  • The level of experience of the childminders
  • The screening process of the minders. 
  • References, if any
  • First aid knowledge
  • Availability of the minders. Some will only work during the day. 

Advise the resort that you would want to spend some time with the minders before handing over your kids. It doesn’t hurt to see how they interact with or care for the kids.  

Additional Services

Do check out what other services are available, including;-

  • Landry facilities as you can expect plenty of dirty clothing
  • 24-hour room service. You never know what time one of the kids will decide they want a meal
  • Dining options including kid-friendly menus. The family resort should also be able to accommodate any special meal request
  • Dining hours to accommodate the very young kids
  • Kid-friendly furniture in the dining area, like high chairs for young kids
  • Spa services, etc. 

Research the Family Resort Facilities

Please note that what you will often read when looking for accommodation is marketing language. The onus is on you to dig a little deeper. The family resort may say it has everything you need. But, once you reach the destination, you discover that they don’t. 

Take advantage of the internet to research the facilities. Customer reviews are often the best and most honest sources of information. You can also check out hotel review sites like Google, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling with the family for a vacation is supposed to be fun. But, it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t choose suitable accommodation. Use our checklist above when looking for the best places to stay in Cape Cod. Also, don’t forget to do your own sleuthing with a particular focus on customer reviews. 



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