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How to choose Damascus incense

The choice of Damascus incense can be difficult due to its wide variety. Among them, there are such flavors that are not found among analogs from other countries. Various incense from India common on the Russian market is somewhat similar in strong woody-spicy shades that cover the smell of a burnt wooden base in the frame on which the aromatic mixture is applied. 

The woody smell is enhanced if the aromatic essence is burned by charcoal applied to the wooden rod. Unlike Indian incense, Damascus incense is made without a charcoal base and emits a pure aroma without impurities when smoldering.

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Incenses from Tibet and Nepal are made without a wooden base and charcoal, but, since they are overwhelmingly complex, they generally differ in grassy shades. Some samples of the economy segment have an insufficiently dense mass, the sticks break and crumble in the hands. Unlike them, stick incense from Damascus, although they are smaller in size (the length of the stick), smolder longer, their combustible mass is denser and they do not break when used.

The composition of Damascus combustible

The composition of Damascus combustible incense includes ground shells of mollusks, so when burned, they emit a minimum amount of smoke, which does not interfere with the disclosure of the main aroma. Compared to others, Damascus incense scents are more subtle, pure, and extremely natural. Trademarks of Damascus manufacturers are gaining more and more fans on the Russian market, despite the average and high price tags ─ be sure, they are worth it!

Damascus combustible incense is made in the form of sticks, cones, or spirals. The sticks smolder evenly with a moderate release of aroma, more suitable for small spaces. The cones “burn” faster and intensify smoldering from top to bottom, thus increasing the strength of aromatization. In small spaces, such as a bathroom or hallway, the concentration of the smell can be too strong, so this form is used to scent large rooms or outdoors. Spirals, like sticks, burn evenly, but are several times longer than them, and therefore are designed for long-term action. Spirals are also used in large rooms.

Damascus incense.

Among the numerous aromas of Damascus incense, you can choose those that best suit the situation and the nature of the activities of the subjects who perceive them. It’s no secret that aromatherapy works by fine-tuning a person’s psychosomatics in a certain way. Incense specialists recommend Damascus products to calm people with exquisite taste for contemplation and relaxation. Our editorial board, having studied and tried them in practice, tends to believe that they are useful to everyone: men and women; children and the elderly; leading an active or quiet lifestyle. We recommend a reasonable principle of using incense according to the functional areas on the premises.

How do choose Damascus incense according to the principle of the aroma?

Among the certified brands of Damascus incense, there are a series of products with compound aromas to achieve exalted states: “Inspiration”, “Joy”, “Love”, “Calm”, “Zen” and so on ─ to choose, it is enough to find out the correct translation of the names that speak for themselves.

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One-component natural plant fragrances have a different effect, which must be considered when choosing, even if the smell itself is pleasant and pleasantly perceived.

Stimulating odors 

To increase efficiency, and concentration, create a cheerful mood and activate an accelerated metabolism in the body. These include aromas of lemon, lemongrass, cedar, mandarin, orange, cinnamon, rosemary, patchouli, magnolia, sandalwood, camphor, and rhododendron.


Balance the work of the nervous system and regulate communication skills and communication. Very useful on long journeys, when adapting to other geographical, time zones. These include incense from mint, savory, laurel, jasmine, rose, myrrh, oregano, and almond.

Calming incense

Relieve emotional fatigue, physical stress, overwork, stress, and depression. Some of them are overtly sedative, such as lavender, which is best smelled before bed and at night (it also has adaptogenic properties). In general, incense from chamomile, vanilla, geranium, neroli, lemon balm, lotus, orchid, and marjoram is suitable for relaxation and recovery.

Therapeutic properties 

Some incense is based on natural essential oils, and almost all Damascus incense is such, which contributes to the resistance and treatment of diseases. The aroma of tea trees has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Pine and rosemary also have anti-flu properties. Incense based on eucalyptus, cloves helps with respiratory diseases. Sage and lemongrass help relieve high blood pressure. Incense from sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, musk, neroli, and rhododendron is well suited

For meditation and contemplation.

They have cleansing energy and allow you to tune in to a harmonious merging with nature.

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