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How To Choose Artificial Flowers for Decoration?

The most popular photo of 20017 scored 11 million likes on Instagram. It shows a pregnant singer under a white veil, against the backdrop of the stunning beauty of a flower arch. The photo is spectacular and touching.

So, El Decor magazine casually mentioned that the composition was made of artificial flowers. Natural female beauty against the backdrop of plastic flowers is a great metaphor for the photo that millions will see on smartphone screens. We will talk about such bouquets and compositions that look good both in the photo and in the interior.

Buy Chinese
Artificial plants look like real ones. Manufacturers have learned to make such copies that you will download. China produces the most, and the world buys the most from China. Due to the high demand and competition of companies, the prices and quality of Chinese flowers are top.

The quality is the same. Don’t fall for the “Chinese=bad” prejudice. In some ways this is true, but not in artificial colors.

How to choose?

Choose personally: Come to the store and there:

Check the smell: There should be no unpleasant “plastic” smell. In addition to the smell, flowers will bring harmful fumes and some kind of allergy. Houses with animals and children are generally contraindicated. But if you want to do bulk purchasing, buy artificial flowers in bulk and do some DIY stuff and make the most out of it.

Hold on: If each petal and leaf is firmly attached to the base, you can take it.

 If you choose online, then like this:

  • Read reviews: Enter the name of the store and see what customers write.
  • If you are allergic to dust, choose flowers with a smooth texture. They collect less dust and require less cleaning.
  • Check with the seller what materials the flowers are made of. Read on to find out which ones are allowed.

Choose material:

  • Atlas looks good and realistic if it is small delicate flowers. If the satin is combined with plastic, excellent bouquets are obtained. They often cost more than others.
  • Plastic: if the flowers are made entirely of plastic, then they look like flowers made of plastic. It is acceptable when only the stem and leaves are made of plastic, and the flower itself is made of silk or satin.
  • Velvet is a completely “decorative” fabric material, do not try to present a velvet bouquet as natural. But this does not negate its use – velvet flowers look festive and unusual.
  • Latex is made on the basis of plastic, so the surface is smooth, like real petals. The latex coating makes the flowers more durable.
  • Polypropylene: most likely, you won’t have to choose. Stems, berries, and ears are most often made from polypropylene. Such elements complement autumn and field bouquets, they look quite realistic.
  • Silk: it all depends on the quality of the material. Cheap ones often look bad, and expensive ones, made of high-quality silk, cannot be distinguished from real ones, only the fabric texture gives out.
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