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How to Change Your Spotify Username | Spot Followers

Spotify is popular among music fans. It has a sophisticated algorithm that uses previously listened-to tracks to recommend similar ones. A small drawback exists. Despite Spotify’s flexible algorithm, users can’t change their usernames.

Many of Spotify’s features are only accessible spot followers with your Spotify username. It’s another way to log in to Spotify besides email and social networks. If you give a buddy your Spotify username, they can browse for it and follow you. Together, you can listen. Can your Spotify username be changed?

In this post, we’ll demonstrate the methods to update your Spotify username. 

Can your Spotify username be changed?

When you register a Spotify account by email or Fb, a “username” is automatically assigned. Spotify says this string “identifies you on Spotify.” Your friends can follow you on Spotify by searching for your username. Rather than using your email address, you can also log in to Spotify with your username.

Unfortunately, Spotify-assigned usernames aren’t changeable. However, this was not always the case. When Spotify was new, users could create and change their usernames. Then, in 2011, Spotify began creating new account usernames. 

What then can you alter?

Your Spotify username will be depicted on your profile page if you sign in with an email address. It makes it more challenging for anyone to locate you, as they must already know your unique login. Adding a display name can rectify this issue.

 Your display name is a customized profile name that replaces your username on profiles, apps, and playlists. Because you can’t use your display name to get into Spotify, you’ll need a Spotify-generated username. Your display name will appear accordingly. 

Friends can search for your Spotify display name, but they may find dozens of matches. 

Key Sections

  • link Spotify to Facebook
  1. On Desktop
  2. On Mobile (Android and iOS)
  3. Signing up with Facebook (1st Time)
  • Update your Display Name
  1. On Desktop
  2. On Mobile ( Android and iOS)

Spotify is the second-most popular audio streaming application, behind Apple Music. It has over 345 million monthly users, including 150 million paid members with unique usernames. By default, Spotify generates usernames from letters and numbers. Spotify’s two identifiers, ‘Username’ and ‘Display name,’ make changing usernames difficult. 

A permanent username allows you to identify yourself on Spotify and log in to your account. Whereas, the display name is displayed on your profile, app, and playlists. It replaces the username displayed on your public profile. You can’t log in to your Spotify account with your display name, but you can quickly alter it.

Even though a username is permanent, there are ways to change it. This article explains how to modify your Spotify username across platforms.

1. link Spotify to Facebook

Linking Spotify and Facebook accounts replace your Spotify username with your Fb username. You can link an existing Spotify account to Facebook or sign up through Facebook. This is how:

Integrating Current Accounts with Facebook

On Desktop

  • Open the Spotify app and hit the drop-down arrow beside your profile image and username on the top-right edge.
  • Select “settings” from the drop-down checklist.
  • Pick “Connect to Facebook” under the “Social” setting.
  • Type your login credentials and hit the “Login” button.
  • After checking in, your Spotify username will be substituted by your Facebook name.

On Mobile (Android and iOS)

  • Launch the Spotify application on your mobile device and tap “Home.”
  • Then, tap the “settings” icon.
  • Within the Social tab, click the “Connect to Facebook” button.
  • Enter your login info and hit the “Login” button.
  • After signing in, your Spotify username will be substituted by your Fb name.

Registering with Facebook

  • Navigate to the Spotify website. Tap ‘Sign up’ A registration page with a button labeled “Sign-up with Facebook” will load.
  • Select the “Sign-up with Facebook” option.
  • Enter the login information for your Fb account and then log in.
  • A new account that matches your Fb profile name will be created.

2. Update your Spotify Display Name

The display name is what visitors to your profile or playlists will see. It’s easily changed, unlike the username.

On Desktop

  • Launch the Spotify desktop application. Hit the drop-down arrow beside your PP (profile picture) and name.
  • From here, choose “Profile.”
  • Your profile page is then displayed, with your display name put in bold at the top. To update this display name, click on it.
  • To make changes, enter the appropriate name and click the “Save” button.

On Mobile (iOS and Android)

  • Launch Spotify on your mobile device and tap the “Home” icon.
  • On the top-right edge, hit the “settings” icon.
  • Click the ‘View profile’ button in settings (below your profile image and display name).
  • Select the “Edit Profile.” You’ll notice the option to alter your profile image and display your username on the following screen.
  • To update the display name, just click on it.
  • Type a new “display name” and hit the “Save” button to complete the final changes.
  • If none of the previous solutions work, you can establish a new Spotify account with the required login and request a data transfer. But, you’ll be required to close your old account and cancel any active subscriptions.
  • Deleting your account will result in losing your playlists, follows, and music libraries. Contact Spotify’s customer service staff to transfer your data within seven days after canceling your old account.

Your Spotify username represents you. Thus, you should have control over its appearance and readability! With the preceding instructions, you’ll be able to change your Spotify username in a matter of minutes.

Do you know of any further methods for altering a Spotify username? Please tell us in the comments!

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