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How to Change MTU Size on Netgear Router?

Every wireless device transmits data in digital packets. These packets of data are known as MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit. The transmission of data packets moves across devices to reach their destination. Thus, to boost your network speed, you have to increase the MTU size of your device. The transmission speed matters the most while using a Netgear router. So, you should know how to modify your MTU size on the Netgear router.

Let’s help you know how to MTU size. Before you initiate the process, make sure you do a Netgear router login. After that, we will provide you with a few troubleshooting tips in case you can’t change the MTU size. Read on.

Steps to Change MTU Size for Netgear Router

  • Turn on your Netgear router
  • Connect it to the host modem
  • Choose the central location for router placement
  • Turn on a computer/laptop
  • Launch an updated web browser
  • Enter the default router URL
  • Do not commit even a single mistake while entering the web browser
  • Press Enter
  • You get access to the Netgear router login page
  • Get hold of the default router login details
  • Enter username and password
  • Click on the Log In button
  • You get access to the Netgear router setup page
  • Choose the Advanced Settings option
  • Open Setup and move to WAN Setup
  • Fill the value in the MTU Size field
  • Click Apply to save your settings

Thus, you need to have access to the Netgear router setup page to change the MTU size of your router. It is going to boost the transmission speed of your router. With that, you will get a better user experience.

Troubleshooting Tips if You Can’t Change MTU Size

Many users complain that they can’t change MTU Size. Let’s figure out why. Afterward, we will also learn how to resolve the issues. So, let’s roll further.

Enter Correct URL

You might have entered an incorrect web address. Thus, accessing the Netgear router login page is impossible in that case. So, you need to get rid of the typing errors from your end. Apart from that, entering the default URL in the search bar could be a problem.

Hence, make sure you enter the correct URL in the address bar of the chosen web browser. Otherwise, you can’t change the MTU Size to boost your transmission speed.

Use Updated Web Browser

The most common mistake users do is that they use an outdated web browser. It has several barriers that stop you from accessing the Netgear router setup page. At first, an outdated web browser is no longer compatible with the new high-end websites.

So, your entered URL either won’t open or might offer different results. Hence, either update the chosen web browser or download an updated web browser. It should also be compatible with the operating system of your computer or laptop.

Avoid WiFi Interference

WiFi interference is one of the major culprits why you can’t change the MTU Size of your Netgear router. You might face issues while accessing the default URL. Not just that, WiFi interference makes it even more difficult to connect with your router’s WiFi signals.

So, change the location of your router. However, while relocating your device, you should choose an ideal location. It should be away from other heavy electrical appliances. Moreover, avoid the router placement in the corner, wall cabinets, or behind the T.V.

Use Correct Admin Details

You can’t change MTU Size if you can’t log into your Netgear router. Thus, you must have the correct login details by your side. Enter the correct username and password in the dedicated spaces. With that, you can easily access the Netgear router dashboard and make the necessary changes without any hassle.

Sum Up

When you change the MTU Size of your Netgear router, its performance will boost automatically. So, you should bypass all the hurdles coming your way to do the required changes. In any case, if you can’t access the router login page, use the default IP address.

Feel free to check the troubleshooting tips mentioned above. With the right procedure, you can easily modify the MTU Size of your Netgear router and have the best router performance.

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