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How to Build the Perfect Pergola in Easy Steps

Pergolas are wonderful additions to backyards, but it’s easy to see why so many of them are poorly-built or designed. After all, building your own pergola from scratch can seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, plenty of other outdoor enthusiasts have tackled this project before you, and you can benefit from their wisdom in this guide on how to build the perfect Pergola Melbourne in easy steps.

Where do you build it?

Location is a huge factor when it comes to building your pergola. Most experts agree that you should build a pergola on your property, and as close as possible to your house. That way, you can use it whenever you want, making sure you never have to leave home again! More practically speaking, experts recommend building your pergola near or alongside an entrance point into your house, so that you can access it quickly and easily. Your back door might be ideal for example. If there’s no natural entrance nearby, then make sure you create one—you don’t want to be carrying furniture through your front door every time you need to get out of the rain!

Pergola Melbourne

What is the right shape?

Whether you want your Pergola Melbourne to be square, rectangular or octagonal is completely up to you. But it’s important that it fits in with your garden design and that its dimensions are a good match for what you’re planning. How do you know? Measure your garden and sketch some designs (these can be rough at first—you’ll refine them as your project progresses). Or if you already have a design idea, jot down dimensions on paper.

If you’re not sure how big to make your pergola, consider how much shade you need. A larger structure will provide more shade but may not fit into smaller gardens. Likewise, a smaller structure will give less coverage but might work better in tighter spaces. Whatever size you choose, just remember: The bigger it is, the longer it will take to build!

Designing and buying your materials.

The first step of building a pergola is actually designing and purchasing your materials. You may want to call in an arborist if you plan on adding vines. The pergola should also be built on a solid base, either poured concrete or stone bricks. If you’re not building it yourself, make sure to hire a contractor who has previous experience with pergolas and similar structures. This will ensure that your pergola will last for years to come.

Building a pergola in a weekend.

A pergola can help define a backyard space and provide year-round shade for your outdoor living area. These structures are easy to build and cost less than $100 when you’re doing it yourself. Use these three steps and basic woodworking tools to build your own.

Enjoy your new addition!

A pergola, or any other new addition to your home, adds value—both aesthetic and financial. So before you start building, sit down with a real estate appraiser who will be able to give you an estimate of how much your home will be worth once you finish. If it’s close to what you’re planning on spending, then you know it’s time for those saws!


There are lots of different types of pergolas you can build around your house, but you should know that a pergola doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. If you follow these steps and use these helpful tips along the way, you’ll have a great-looking Pergola Melbourne in no time!