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How to Avoid Getting Disconnected While Streaming?

Frequent disconnection is one of the most frustrating things about digital life and it seems to be happening all the time. Maybe, you were paying, talking on a zoom phone, or even at the climax of your favorite Netflix on DirecTV. In any case, disconnecting the broadband connection is a common problem, and fortunately, it can be easily remedied.

Common Causes of Why the Internet is Disconnected While Streaming

There are many reasons why your internet connection is disconnected at random. When it comes to Wi-Fi internet connection, here are some common causes:

o   Wi-Fi hotspot power is insufficient – you may be close to the Wi-Fi network limit.

o   The Wi-Fi network is very crowded – happening in crowded places – on the street, in stadiums, at concerts, etc.

o   You must also log in to the network using the host portal/login page.

o   Wireless interference (network connection) and other Wi-Fi locations or devices nearby.

o   Wi-Fi adapter for outdated drivers or wireless firmware outdated firmware.

o   ISP issues.

Indeed, in the above, we assume that the Wi-Fi hotspot works when connected to it, and it is not a bad Wi-Fi hotspot that has no internet signal. You may also experience random internet disconnection while connected via wired Ethernet. In this case, this is usually due to problems with the ISP.

How To Avoid Disconnected?

Various issues can cause problems for your device. It could be your phone, Wi-Fi router, temporary network problems, a device hotspot for mobile, and just about anything. Aside from any problems that caused problems, the fix mentioned below will reconnect you to the Wi-Fi network and allow you to do whatever you want to do.

§  Remove and Reconnect to the Network:

Your Android device stores network information when you connect it to a Wi-Fi network for the first time. This allows you to connect to the network easily without having to re-enter your password every time. However, things may suddenly change, and your phone may have received a faulty operation. In that case, you will need to re-establish the connection yourself.

o   Swipe down twice from the top of your Android screen to open Quick Settings.

o   Long press on Wi-Fi tiles to turn on Wi-Fi network settings

o   From there, tap the network you are trying to connect to.

o   After choosing a Wi-Fi name, press Forget. Doing so will disconnect the network from your device.

o   Now, tap the network under “Available Networks” and reconnect it using a password.

§  Restart Your Wi-Fi Router:

Similar to restarting your phone, rebooting the router can help when Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting from Android. Normally, that will reset the router hardware and fix an internet problem that may be running low.

o   If your router is connected to a power source, we recommend that you disconnect it, leave it for a minute, and then reconnect it. That should be enough to restart the system.

o   At that point, if you are using a battery-powered router or Wi-Fi, you will get a power button on the hardware. Use it to turn off the router, or see the user manual for help on how to restart it.

o   Similarly, if you are connected to Mobile Hotspot, just restart the phone.

§  Update Your Phone and the Router’s Firmware:

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to update your devices. While the problems are closely related to what we said earlier, they may also be simple software problems that you can fix with updates. Installing your router updates should not be a problem. Just check the user manual for procedures and go to the manufacturer’s site. In the meanwhile, you can accompany these steps to modernize your Android phone.

o   Introduce the Settings application

o   Select System

o   Tap System Update or Software Update

o   Click Check for updates.

o   If there is, download it and install it immediately.

§  ISP Issues:

The ISP represents an Internet service provider and includes all major networks where you register online. Usually, there will be ongoing repairs in your area or city problems, all of which result in the disconnection of the broadband connection. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to fix this without calling your ISP provider, understanding the problem, and asking about a timeline.

Now that you know a few of the most common reasons for frequent broadband disconnection, here are some ways to fix it:

ü Resting Your Modem:

As with any other heating and malfunctioning devices, your modem may also reduce its efficiency as it heats up. To fix this, just plug in your modem, and let it cool down, when it is well-rested, plug it in again. Now, your Wi-Fi should connect again, and the speed should increase.

ü Update Your Router:

As mentioned above, older firmware is often incompatible with new Wi-Fi technologies, resulting in frequent broadband disconnections. The only way to solve this problem is to update your route with the current model, fix the issue of frequent broadband disconnection, and allow faster and more stable Wi-Fi.

ü Virus Elimination:

Harmful viruses that may be loaded to your device may drop off your internet connection, generating a broadband connection. To prevent this from happening, download anti-virus software that eliminates all potential troubleshooters and allows your internet to run smoothly. If you suspect that your device may already be infected, you may be able to download anti-virus software that can scan your devices for malicious activity.


If you have a lot of people using the Internet or you have a lot of devices connected to your Wi-Fi, it is best to upgrade your system to a high-speed system. As you can see, most of the time, broadband connections can be boiled down to slow internet speeds. To fix this, upgrade to a faster broadband connection that is also stable.  Now that you know why your internet continues to shut down, and how to fix a common broadband disconnection, hopefully, your problems have been resolved. If you are looking to update your Wi-Fi faster, a decision that will strengthen your broadband connection and prevent disconnection.

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