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How Should I Arrange My Garage Storage?

Are you someone who recently got into cleaning? Do you also have a messy and unorganized garage? Do you wish to know how you could clean your garage? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right article.

Here we will be taking an in-depth look at how you could thoroughly clean your garage storage despite how messy or small it is. So without any further delay, let’s dive right into it.

Stack Bins

When it comes to organizing your garage, one of the most important things is to include sufficient storage boxes which are stacked in order to maximize space and create airflow/ ventilation.

The majority of the homes that contain garages are usually small in size and only fit space for vehicles such as cars or vans. You could purchase storage bins from any online place or supermarket and align them vertically on top of one another.

With these stack bins; you could put stickers to identify them. If you have a relatively small garage, it is best that you put all your tools in one storage bin and mark it, and similarly have other bins for other items. This way, you could easily identify which tools are in which box, and thus it makes it easier.

Mounted shelves

Besides having storage bins, you could even install multiple shelves on one or two walls of the garage. There are many items in the garage that needs to be displayed, and so by installing shelves, you could keep them for daily use; in order to install shelves, start by choosing a wall that is clean and plain.

By taking accurate measurements, you could easily stack three to four shelves. Moreover, you could even install overhead storage on the ceiling to further create an organized and sleek look. Instead of having a corner on the floor for bins to store lightweight items such as decorations for Christmas, tools, and much more, you could easily build garage storage on the ceiling in one day or so.

Knob slab

Another great installation idea is to have a knob slab that you could use when making projects/ tools in the garage. There are many benefits of having a slab in a garage that could be pulled down vertically as it allows for a clean and minimal space.

If you have any table with four legs lying around the garage, you could use it to create a knob slab. You could hold almost any weight of an item on the knob slab when the arrangement is tight and fitted accurately.

Discard Unused Items

One of the problems with any garage is that it is filled with useless items that are lying around here and there. Take a few hours out of your day to solely spend on deep cleaning the garage. In order to do so, you should start by having two bins, one for the items that you could keep and one to discard.

Items such as non-sticky tapes, broken nails, rusty metal items, dirt, a stack of papers, and other items can be thrown away, whereas useful items like shedding tools, woods, boards, lawn movers, tool boxes, and much more can be stored in the garage.

Not only that, but you should also make a habit of thoroughly cleaning the floor of your garage so that any dirt particles or debris do not get in your way. If you are someone who lives in a relatively sandy environment, it is best that you have all the essential cleaning products to clean your garage.

Add Cabinet Storages

Besides including stack bins, wall-mounted shelves, and ceiling bins, a great way to enhance the look of your garage is to add cabinets in every nook and crook of the room. Start by drawing a rough sketch of the garage, and from there, figure out where you could install the cabinets.

It is worth mentioning that you should always install cabinets in those areas where there is sufficient space for the cabinet doors to open and close. Many people make the mistake of placing cabinets near wall-mounted shelves, which creates a problem for them when opening or closing.

If there is sufficient space in your garage, then you could definitely go for on-floor cabinets to store heavy and dangerous electrical equipment.  If you want ideas, you could look for garage storage in Dallas TX, to get an idea of how you could revamp the look of your own garage.

Monkey Bar Wall Unit

If you are someone who has a tight budget but still wants to make the most out of your garage, then a great tool to install is monkey bar wall units. There are many items in the garage that cannot be kept in a cabinet or storage bins, such as hedge shears, gardening fork, pruning saw, spade, pitchfork, shovel, axe, rake, and much more.

These items are used on a daily basis and hence deserve to be in a place that is not only safe but also looks clean. By installing a monkey bar wall unit, you could easily hang these items and use them whenever you want to.

If you have large equipment such as a wheelbarrow and ladder, you could also go for a gladiator gear wall. This piece of tool works great for storing awkward and large items. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that all the items in the garage room are stored in an efficient and clean way so that the garage can look spacious and grand.

The Takeaway

So these were some of the most important tools that you could introduce to your garage storage. You should always remember to always thoroughly clean the floor and other storage in the garage so that your time in there is pleasant.

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