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How Reproductive Endocrinologist Specialists Can Help Infertile Couples?

Infertility has become the new normal these days. Every one of ten couples face difficulty conceiving a child. And after trying for a few years, they need medical intervention to overcome the underlying cause of infertility. The reproductive endocrinologists are the doctors who need to be consulted when an infertile couple truly wants to understand why they are having trouble getting pregnant.

They recommended many tests both for men and women to dig out the base causes of the issue. After conducting many physical examinations and lab tests like sperm count tests, X-rays, blood tests, etc., these specialists identify the problem and suggest surgical procedures, fertility drugs as well as other efficacious treatments to increase a pregnancy. 

When To Consult With Infertility Specialists?

A couple must visit a reproductive endocrinologist after two years of not being able to get pregnant naturally. However, the fertility of females alleviates with time. Hence, when women are over age 35, this time frame shortens to six months.

Generally, most people meet with an ob-gyn before scheduling an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist to figure out any healthcare conditions that may be affecting their fertility. Once these primary healthcare providers confirm that a couple having infertility issues are referred to an endocrinologist for further treatment. 

Causes Of Infertility For Men

Infertility doctors help both males and females overcome their infertility. Males can have a plethora of issues that can make them sterile. However, Varicocele is the most common of all. It is the condition when veins inside the scrotum swell, which eventually have a negative impact on sperm production. Apart from this, sometimes blockages are also there in males’ reproductive tract, which can hinder the transportation of the sperm to the ejaculatory tract. This condition is called Azoospermia. 

Furthermore, sperm count test, motility test, and abnormal shape check is also done to find out the cause of infertility in the male partner.

Causes Of Infertility For Women

Although both men and women can become prey to infertility, females are a bit more likely to be infertile than males. The infertility doctors test females for key issues that can stop them from conceiving naturally or staying pregnant for a full term. 

Like males, females can also have several health issues that can interfere with their fertility. Some face difficulty in ovulation, while others may experience Endometriosis. Apart from this, poor egg quality is another significant cause of non-conception in females. This occurs due to several factors like genetic issues, poor lifestyles as well as increasing age. 

Treatments For Infertility

There are a myriad of treatments for infertility. As mentioned above sperm count test is done to determine the fertility status of men. And if test results are negative, endocrinologists prescribe some drugs to boost the number of sperm cells in the semen. Also, some surgical procedures are done to fix the blockage of the reproductive tract. Sometimes infections can also occur in the male’s reproductive tract, which are treated with antibiotics.

On the other hand, women are prescribed many fertility drugs to fix ovulation problems. However, if medication fails to get a female pregnant, artificial reproductive technologies like IUI and IVF are carried out for positive results. 

Unfortunately, a handful of couples are not able to conceive even after taking ART treatment, for those donor eggs or sperm will be the only option to fulfill the dream of becoming parents.

Wrapping Up-:

Undoubtedly infertile couples face a lot of emotional and psychological problems. However, infertility specialists can help you promote conception by using a variety of Hi-Tech assisted reproductive techniques. To confirm your infertility, search for a “sperm count test near me on Google and visit the reproductive endocrinologist as soon as possible. You can also order a sperm test kit online to check your sperm health from the comfort of your home.