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How Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior

Packaging plays a vital role in the marketing plan of any business. It is a necessary element that determines the success or failure of your brand. It’s the top priority of every businessman to design a unique packaging that makes his brand stand out on retail shelves. Packaging has a great influence on consumer behavior. Most of the product purchase decisions are made on the basis of packaging. Therefore, the more attractive the display boxes, the more sales your brand may generate. If a business uses traditional brown cardboard packaging, it may miss a perfect marketing opportunity. Custom boxes help in creating more awareness about your brand. Designing them attractively can build an emotional attachment of the customers toward your brand. Below are some of the ways how packaging affects consumer behavior:

·         An Effective Logo

As stated earlier, Packaging Boxes can engage the customers emotionally towards your brand. Designing an attractive logo on custom-printed boxes is a great way to stimulate consumer purchase behavior. A brand’s logo helps the customers in recalling the memories and feeling at first sight. It makes them remember your brand whenever they shop. If such feelings are positively related to the brand, it may result in a long-term relationship with the consumer. It’s the reason why various packaging like cosmetic boxes, perfume boxes, food boxes, etc have a customized logo of their brand.

·         Packaging Color

Most packaging experts are of opinion that one of the quickest ways to grasp the consumer’s attention is with “color”. Color is the main element in creating more awareness about your brand. People often associate a product with its packaging color. Similar types of products often adopt the same packaging color and design. For example, the products made from herbal ingredients have natural and minimalistic packaging. Black, silver, and golden colors are used for luxurious products. Kids’ cereals, toys, or gift boxes are often designed with bright and flashy colors to make them attractive to use. White or pink colors are normally used for cosmetic boxes which show that the product is designed with purity and care, especially for women.

·         Eye-catching Typography

Font choice is another significant aspect of packaging design that affects consumer behavior. As color is used to draw the attention of the customers, in the same way, the font is used to highlight the benefits and features of that product. If the product information is difficult to read or the text is not streamlined for quick scanning, customers get frustrated and move on to the next one. It’s the reason why companies pay special attention to the typography of their custom boxes.

·         Unique Package Design

With the advancements in custom packaging, the manufacturers can create unique and innovative packaging designs for every product. It creates differentiation among a number of products with similar characteristics. Some of the famous packaging designs include sleeve boxes, gable boxes, pillow boxes, archive boxes, display boxes, and much more. Creating a different packaging design according to the nature of the product provides a wonderful experience for the customers. It increases customers’ loyalty and generates positive word of mouth.

·         Related Imagery

Using related imagery on custom-printed boxes is a great way to affect consumer behavior. It draws their attention to the product. If graphics are used an effective, it may generate a positive impact on the mind of the customers. Therefore, it’s a usual practice of the brand owners to use self-speaking imagery on their packaging. It facilitates the customers in understanding the nature and features of the product even before reading its details.