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How much is a Tune up at Walmart Cost? Complete Guide

Before knowing how much is a tune up at Walmart costs, it is crucial to know what a tune-up is. Tune-ups are mostly ignition system updates. These are mostly for older cars. A tune-up today can include everything from new car filters, hoses, fluids, and tires.

It is just as important to take care of your car’s engine as it is to visit a doctor regularly. If you bring your vehicle to your mechanic for a tune up, they will check and adjust all systems that affect combustion.

There are a lot of shops that provide tune-up services, but you are not sure if they have the right experience or not. In order to verify whether they are experts or not, you will have to spend a lot of time on it.

It is therefore best to choose a center that offers excellent tune-ups. In the opinion of our experts, Wall Mart is your best choice for tune-up services.

This article outlines the cost of Walmart’s tune-up services in detail. For a complete understanding of what tune up is and what it costs at Walmart, don’t forget to read the entire article.

What Is Involved in a Car Tune-Up?

The following are some of the things that are generally included in a car tune-up:

  • The Replacement of Spark Plugs
  • Adjusting the ignition timing 
  • Replace the engine’s air filter and the oil filter
  • In case of need, replace the fuel filter
  • Setting of the Fuel System

What Does a Tune-up at Walmart Cost?

As you have a basic knowledge of what is included in a tune-up, now we will see what is a tune-up at Walmart Cost.

The cost of an inexpensive tune-up can be as low as $40-$150 or even less depending on what’s included, such as changing the spark plugs and inspecting the spark plug wires.

Spark plugs, wires, distributor caps, rotors, fuel filters, and PVC valves are usually included in a tune-up, and this typically costs between $200 and $800. You will always save money when you purchase parts directly from Walmart.

Battery Change Charges

If you have purchased a battery from Walmart, installation is free. In the event that you have not, it will cost you approximately $10. You will have to pay $3.50 for corrosion treatment.

Oil change charges

There is a Standard Oil Change in which the oil is conventional, but it will cost you $29.88. It costs $39.88 to do an oil change for a vehicle with high mileage.

This type of oil change is recommended when you have driven more than 75.000 miles on your vehicle.

You will receive synthetic motor oil as part of the Power and Performance Oil change for $49.88.

Tire Change Charges

Even though Walmart charges only $12 per tire for installation, the package still falls in third place. As a result, competitors offer more generous offers than Walmart.

Spark Plug Charges

In Walmart, spark plugs can cost between $32 and 98 depending on their size, kind of metal, and type of vehicle.

When should you have your car tuned up?

In general, a tune-up should be performed every 10,000-12,000 miles or one year on older vehicles with non-electronic ignitions.

Recent automobiles with electronic ignition and fuel injection may be driven for a year or so before requiring a major tune-up due to their longevity.

What is the average time of a tune-up at Walmart?

A small car tune-up at Walmart generally takes between 2 and 4 hours, but depending on the car and its condition, it may take up to 8 hours.

Are Walmart tires good quality?

The tire selection at Walmart ranges from Michelin tires to more budget-friendly Goodyear tires, so bargain hunters and picky consumers alike will find tires to meet their needs. Walmart offers affordable tire packages that come with good quality tires.

Wal-Mart’s complimentary tune-ups cost

  • Engine filter installation: free
  • Headlight installation: $7.50
  • Restoring the headlights: $29.88
  • Oil change and fuel system cleaning: $40
  • Cabin filter installation: $10
  • Wiper blade installation: $10
  • Fuel line cleaning: $20
  • High mileage oil change and fuel system cleaning: $50
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