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How much does a health plan cost?

Hiring a health plan , whether business, individual or family, is the security that you will have the necessary support in the most delicate and urgent situations of your life and family .

The options for health plans in Belo Horizonte are vast and that is why this content is essential for you to understand each type of plan and contracting method.

In this article, check out the price lists of the best health plans in Brazil and find out which plan best fits your needs (without weighing your pocket).

Health comes first and nowadays it is possible to be insured even without having a big budget for it.

How much does a health plan cost?

According to the ANS, the average price of a health plan is R$ 600.

For seniors, the price of the health plan can reach more than R$900.

Health plan values ​​vary according to:

  • age group
  • number of benefits in the company, in case of business plan
  • type of hospitalization (shared room or single room)
  • coverage area (a plan with nationwide medical care is more expensive than a plan with regional care)
  • roof
  • with co-payment or without co-payment, being possible to choose the percentage of participation or opt for a plan that does not have an extra fee)
  • with or without refund

Prices of the best health plans

We at Simetria Planos de Saúde have been operating for over 25 years and are proud to have as our MISSION being the best broker in Minas Gerais in terms of quality and efficiency , through transparent relationships and a total focus on teams and partners.

These conditions guarantee us partnerships with operators that offer the best plans for your health .

So, we will indicate in this content ONLY the best health plan operators for you to research and quote. Check the price tables for the Amil and Bradesco health plans below:

How to buy a health plan?

Investing in a plan is a way to ensure extra protection and care for those you love. Look for the best company to help you in this choice process: Simmetria Planos de Saúde .

Market leader, it is specialized in the commercialization of health and dental plans. It operates nationally and has in its portfolio the main operators, insurance companies and benefit administrators in the market.

Get in touch with Simmetria Planos de Saúde and make a budget for the plans that meet your expectations.

Don’t wait any longer to hire a health plan, guarantee quality service right now and at the best price on the market.

What is the best health plan?

The best health plans in the country are:

  • Amil Health Plan
  • Bradesco Health Plan
  • Golden Cross Health Plan
  • SulAmérica Health Plan

In terms of number of customers, the main health plan operators are:

  • Bradesco Saúde: 4 million customers;
  • Intermédica: 2 million customers;
  • Amil Medical Assistance: more than 1 million and 300 thousand customers.

Types of health plans in Belo Horizonte

What is an Individual Health Plan ?

“A plan that includes individual contracting health care, offered by private health care plan operators for the free adhesion of individuals, with or without their family group.”, according to the ANS.

The purchase of the plan is validated by an Individual Health Plan contract, a “legal instrument legally signed between a health plan operator and an individual for the health care of an individual or a family group”.

What is a Family Health Plan ?

The contracting of the Family Health Plan is formalized as a “legal instrument legally signed between a health plan operator and an individual for the health care of an individual or a family group”, according to the ANS.

What is a Business Health Plan ?

The Health Plans for Companies, as its name suggests, are hired by companies that want to cover the assistance in the health care of their employees.

The amounts are reduced for employees, as they are made for all team members, with an infinitely lower rate being passed on than would normally be paid in an individual and personal plan.

What is a membership health plan ?

The collective health plan by membership is aimed at liberal professionals, trade workers, civil servants, lawyers, engineers, doctors, among others.

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