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How Much Do Accountants Charge for Tax Returns?

The cost of hiring professional accountants for doing your taxes can vary based on the situation and what tax forms you need to file. In case your tax situation is simple, for instance, you work for an organization and are required to submit your W2s, the cost can be less for hiring an accountant for this purpose. In case you work for yourself, the accountant may cost more. In any case, there are advantages that come from an individual who is professional to prepare your taxes in case you hire one. It can save money, save time, and he can do your taxes. Here is a guide to the cost of tax returns!

Factors Involved in Cost of Tax Returns

The cost of hiring tax accountants in London depends on certain factors, including where you live, experience of your accountant and how complicated the financial situation is. As per an expert, the average cost for an accountant to do your taxes can go from £30 to £140. Buying tax accounting software for doing your taxes yourself can be a less costly or less expensive option. Tax software is free at times but can also be as expensive as £200, and maybe even more. However, it may depend on the software you use and your tax return. Filing your taxes independently deprived of any assistance from a professional can be more time-consuming. It may take 12 hours or even more.

The Average Cost of Tax Returns

The average cost to hire an accountant or tax professional for preparing and submitting a tax return with no itemized deductions can be around £200 while the average fee for an itemized tax return can be around £300.

In case you are self-employed and require hiring an accountant for preparing an itemized tax return with a state tax return form or schedule C, the average cost may enhance to £400 or more. It is necessary to remember that these are the average costs. The cost may differ in case parts of your tax filings are under serious cases and take more time for the accountant to complete the tax return. In such circumstances, accountants can charge you a lot more fees.

Why Hire Accountants for Tax Returns?

When you hire an accountant to do your taxes, you are actually getting the additional benefit of several other services, such as record keeping, accounting, auditing and tax consultation. You may also hire an accountant with certain specializations, for instance, in case you own a small business or live abroad. At times, a few accountants are generalists, however, it is important to hire a professional with a certain level of experience.

Accounting professionals can help in building up a reliable accounting system for precisely and easily assessing profitability, monitoring expenses and prices, controlling budgets and forecasting future trends. Accountants may also consult with their clients regarding tax related issues like tax regulations and compliance. In addition, they can establish precise financial statements, audit reports and similar accounting documents required by government regulations.

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