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How is Parquet Flooring Better Than Laminate Flooring?

In many areas, laminate is a better choice for flooring than parquet. However, there are certain areas where parquet would make a better choice. Offices, administrative buildings, and social facilities are great examples of places where laminate flooring makes more sense. To protect your office chairs, make sure to buy an underlay for them. Parquet has a noble aura and is also effective in demanding environments.


The key to determining the durability of parquet flooring is the type of substrate that is used. The most common substrate type is beech, which has adequate strength and moisture resistance, while the least common is the African wenge tree, which is noted for its increased wear resistance and higher cost. Other important parameters to consider include the type of connection between the parquet boards. The “spike-groove” method uses a special glue for connecting the boards, but locking assembly is more popular. This method eliminates the need for glue in joints and facilitates laying the floor.

Parquet floors do not require regular polishing or refinishing, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them looking new for a long time. Typically, you’ll only have to sand them and refinish them every ten years. This type of flooring is perfect for homes that experience high humidity and are frequently walked on. It also does not show stains or scratches as easily.


Depending on your preferences, parquet flooring can cost anything from PS40 to PS80 per square meter. There are three main types of parquet flooring: solid, engineered, and laminated. The price of solid wood will vary based on the grade of timber used and how well the parquet floor is installed. For example, maple wood flooring is relatively inexpensive at PS20 to PS60 per square meter. However, if you’d like a more rustic grade, you might want to opt for maple. You should buy Parquet flooring in Dubai at a reasonable price. In addition, you’ll need to mop the floor regularly to prevent it from absorbing water, and some wood finishes may require waxing or varnish from time to time. Also, you’ll need to have your parquet floor sanded every once in a while to restore the worn wear layer.

Reclaimed parquet flooring can be installed in commercial and residential buildings, and it provides a rustic, warm look that goes with most design schemes. Although it’s not as sturdy as solid wood, it’s still relatively inexpensive compared to solid wood or engineered flooring. If you’re looking to save some money, you can install reclaimed parquet flooring yourself. These floors are very easy to maintain and are very easy to install.

Easy to maintain

In terms of maintenance, wood floors can be more difficult to maintain than laminate flooring. Wood is an organic material and requires a higher level of care than laminate. A laminate plank consists of multiple layers, including an outer layer and core made from fiberboard. The image and design is printed onto a layer that comes in contact with the floor. This layer is usually several millimeters thick. When it is in direct contact with water, it can become discolored and warped. In comparison, solid hardwood floors are very dense and resistant to scratches and stains.

The main difference between laminate and parquet flooring lies in how they’re cleaned. The former requires less maintenance and can be replaced if it’s damaged. The former can be cleaned with warm soapy water and can even be cleaned in a washing machine. The latter, on the other hand, requires specialized cleaning products to avoid damaging it. However, both types of flooring require good ventilation and proper cleaning products.


In general, parquet flooring is more expensive than laminate flooring. However, the difference is not all that dramatic – if you’re looking to save money, go for the former. While parquet flooring requires regular cleaning, it’s also easier to sand down if necessary. You’ll also need to re-oil it once a year. If you’re planning to install it over underfloor heating, you should buy the appropriate product at

However, if you’re on a budget, there are many advantages to choosing laminate over parquet. For example, laminate is easy to install and cheaper to buy, but you won’t find many hardwood floors that look like the real thing. Also, laminate is more water-resistant. Depending on the quality, you’ll have to take a look at the durability of the floor to determine if it’s worth it.

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