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How eCommerce Companies Should Create Instagram Marketing Tactics?

Fast forward to 2022, and Instagram will have practically completed its transformation from basic photo-sharing software to a full-fledged marketing channel.

So, you need to collaborate with an online marketing agency to structure your Instagram marketing Singapore.

Check out some of the platform’s newest features! Instagram unveiled a slew of new business tools last year, including sophisticated analytics, Instagram commerce, new ways to drive visitors to Instagram Stories, and the independent video platform IGTV.

Establishing a presence on Instagram with the help of an Instagram growth agency is lucrative whether you are in e-commerce, education, or media and publishing.

But if you’re serious about moving ahead, you’ll need to know all there is to know about the platform (and its audience), including the best sorts of material to post, how to strategize your Instagram story, and how to measure analytics and KPIs.

Why is Instagram marketing important for e-commerce success?

Instagram is well-known for sharing photographs and videos with friends and family, but it’s also a powerful tool for e-commerce promotion. 

But why!

One of the most obvious answers is the Instagram format. Because of its visual nature, Instagram is an excellent platform for e-commerce businesses to display their products. Having a visual presence on Instagram, whether it’s a standard photo, video, or Instagram story, has been shown to greatly enhance e-commerce marketing for millions of businesses.

Instagram users are also more active than the typical social media user. Instagram interaction appears to be falling, but the platform still boasts greater corporate engagement rates than Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram users, on the other hand, are routinely purchasing online as well as getting married. According to a recent poll, 72% of Instagram users said they buy anything after viewing it on the platform. So, market your business on Instagram by hiring the best B2C marketing agency in Singapore.

Instagram users are an ideal demographic since they are extremely driven and can convert rapidly due to their purchasing spirit.

Another factor that contributes to Instagram’s e-commerce success is the platform itself. Instagram has lately released a slew of new business tools—and there are many more! 

Many of our online purchasing experiences will soon be on Instagram, from Instagram story links to shoppable Instagram posts.

All of this suggests that thinking your business doesn’t belong on Instagram because you don’t offer e-commerce items would be a mistake! 

Instagram is a wonderful way for businesses to improve brand exposure and interact with new audiences, in addition to its unique ability to move items.

Tips to plan your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Optimize Instagram bio and create buyer and SEO accounts:

The first Instagram marketing technique we’ll look at is optimizing your bio and account. Even the most experienced internet retailers frequently skip this simple step.

  • Make you Instagram business account SEO-friendly:

Is it evident from your Instagram bio what problems your firm addresses for potential customers? Do you have the subpoena and the URL? Have you used your most important keywords and marketing hashtags in your description? Are you updating your bio to reflect changes in the industry and market?

  • Make your Instagram business account buyer-friendly:

What your business account looks like is important. Suppose you want to run an Instagram shopping ad to reach new prospects that are new to your brand. They are likely to click on your account to see what you are doing and if your account page does not look reliable or aesthetically incompatible with the niche you are selling if you are out you will lose. 

 In addition to optimizing your account biography as described above, you need to match your account content and story highlights with your e-commerce branding.

Strive for organic content strategy and engagement:

Organic Instagram content, as previously said, is a vital aspect of your entire branding plan. This, however, is not the only advantage. This helps you to grow your fan base and keep them interested in your business.

Different sorts of material are included in an effective Instagram content strategy. Your product’s visual highlights, emotive quotations from your audience, and user-generated content from satisfied customers.

Also, the sorts of postings that inspire followers and potential buyers to participate in your content, such as Instagram photographs, videos, and stories, should be diverse.

E-commerce enterprises should also respond to comments, direct messages, and remarks regularly. Interacting with your followers helps you to interact directly with potential customers and show the human side of your business, as well as respond quickly to customer concerns and questions before you buy. 

Take your Instagram product photography and videography to the next level:

When it comes to Instagram, graphics matter whether you’re creating content for your followers or advertisements.

This doesn’t mean you should abandon natural behind-the-scenes and user-generated video in favor of content and adverts, but you should include eye-catching product images as well.

When it comes to lifestyle and white background photography for Instagram eCommerce, there are a few key things to remember.

Here are two to get you started: 

  • Tell a story with Instagram product photographs and videos. Is your content consistent with your brand’s voice and target market? You’ll see outdoor graphics that communicate the tale of your experience and being outside whether you’re targeting hikers, pedestrians, or adventurers.
  • Keep your photographs and videos, as well as your business account, consistent with your brand’s theme and voice! Does the photo of your Instagram product that a potential customer clicks to enter your store fit the aesthetics of your business? In terms of emotions, backdrops, product layouts, and tone of descriptions and headlines, consistency is crucial.

Grow your brand followers the right way:

The following must-see Instagram marketing tips are important. What’s wrong even with the owners of many established online stores? 

When it comes to social media, this is the biggest secret. It’s not the number of followers, but the quality of the followers. It’s important to note that having 1,000 very enthusiastic followers is better than 100K non-enthusiastic followers who don’t fall into the demographics of your target buyers. 


As mentioned earlier, engagement is important and content marketing can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Therefore, you need to make sure you reach customers and potential buyers who are likely to buy from your brand.  

In short, this is the biggest tip we have for followers: Buying followers using follower apps and services is not the route you want to follow. You need to increase your followers genuinely and practice that contributes to our brand and stimulates trust and engagement. 

How do you choose the best Instagram ad type for your marketing strategy?

Now that you have a complete list of Instagram marketing options, let’s see how to develop your strategy.

Here are four steps to get started: 

  1. Assess Instagram’s marketing objectives to see how your advertisements will fit within and feed your complete marketing sales funnel.
  2. Before determining your entire budget, start with the ad type that best suits this purpose and test your targeting and creativity.
  3. As your budget and content kinds expand, and your goals shift, gradually introduce additional ad types. Not every form of content is appropriate for every brand. You must test and use the font that is most appropriate for your product, brand, and target customer.
  4. Continue to watch, edit, and tweak your advertising until you have a successful Instagram marketing approach.
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