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How Do You Use a Sankey Diagram in Marketing?

Digital marketing without data visualization does not make any sense. Developing campaigns that impact your business growth requires you to adopt a compelling strategy to make your business stand out. When running your marketing campaigns, you need to detect the flow of materials from one point to another.

 This is only possible if you have a great backup plan to enable you to visualize the most important aspects to hit the ground running. A Sankey diagram is an advanced data visualization tool specifically meant to detect the flow of variables from one point to another. Even though Sankey charts detect flow, they do not operate the same way as to flow charts.

 Note that Sankey charts are the best options compared to other charts used to analyze the flow of data. They come with several connected nodes using links from one point to another. The links connect one node to another, creating a circular flow of data depending on the layout of your data.

 How a Sankey Diagram Can Elevate Your Marketing Efforts?

 Marketing mainly depends on the use of data generated from your business’s daily operations. There is no one you can conduct marketing operations from flat grounds; you will automatically need some form of backup to elevate your efforts and enable you to achieve your goals. Connecting data from your business behavior cannot help you in any way release you have a clear plan on how you intend to use the information.

 If you want to get the best out of your data analysis, you need to incorporate the power of data visualization to shed light on the data that you have collected and generate insights that can guide the decisions you make. However, finding a better solution without the use of a Sankey chart is considered a waste of time since you won’t be in a position to get reliable insights that you can comfortably use.

Given that a Sankey diagram has a significant impact on the success of your marketing efforts, you need to learn how to generate and use it appropriately. To create a Sankey chart, you don’t need to have huge data sets. You only need two data dimensions and one metric, and you are set to start. The biggest advantage of using a Sankey diagram is that you can easily integrate the tool with your Google ads account.

 When the two accounts are interconnected, you can easily detect the journey undertaken by your customers before making a purchase. You can easily detect the challenges that your customers experience and take the required action as soon as possible to ensure that all the business operations are streamlined to make it easier for customers to make purchases freely.

 In addition, you can identify the main traffic of your campaigns during advertisements, increasing your chances of capitalizing on the available market opportunities. Also, you channel all your focus on the respective sources to ensure that your business records comprehensive traffic as a strategy for securing potential customers in the long run.

 If you want to ensure that the data presented is consumed by many people, ensure that the chart is as interactive as possible. The story you present should be simple and take the shortest time possible to enable your audience to read through it and take the required action described at the end.

Using a Sankey Chart to Visualize Data

 Researchers have proved that Sankey diagrams are crucial when conducting data analysis. However, very few people utilize them in their data interpretation since they do not understand their capabilities. Besides, Sankey charts offer the quickest method of generating important insights from complex data sets.

 You can utilize Sankey charts to track the performance of various keywords across your campaigns and evaluate the performance of every element within your ad campaigns.

 Reading a Sankey Chart

 Reading a Sankey chart is considered one of the hardest parts by many people who haven’t interacted with it. However, this is not the reality since you can easily read and analyze data insights using the chart without difficulty. When reading a Sankey chart, you need to match various aspects in order to come up with an excellent solution. You need to match varying aspects, such as the keywords, with the search queries.

 When you match and realize that the two are equal, you will realize that your ads have begun getting impressions in terms of clicks within the shortest time possible. Also, if you have analyzed your data in a Sankey chart, you can read the insights from any side, either left to right or right to left. You need to keep your data visualization into small bits to make it easier to analyze the content and read the insights.

 Ensure that you do not flood your chart with a lot of data elements, since analyzing the content becomes a challenge due to overlapping data variables. Besides, if you want to analyze the performance of your ad campaigns, do not focus on all the ads simultaneously. Work on every ad independently and generate insights before going to the next.

 When creating the Sankey chart, you should ensure that at least half of your audience has an idea about what you intend to talk about. This will make it easier to pass the message you have since you don’t need to spend much of your time doing interpretation.  You also need to think if your goal is only to tell a story or if you expect your market audience to take some action at the end of the process.

 When you have complex sets of marketing data that you need in a simplified format, a Sankey diagram gives you advanced features that will enable you to break down and simplify the entire process. It makes it easier for you to present a simplified data format to your readers and team members to ensure that you are all on the same page.

 You can use the chart to make the most important aspects stand out from the rest, ensuring that readers get a chance to analyze the vital aspects first before reading the entire story. In return, it improves communication between the business and the target audience, propelling the growth and development of your business.

 Sometimes, you may have cases of data inconsistencies within your data, and you may not identify them using the manual approach. A Sankey diagram gives you a proper model that can enable you to shed light on such scenarios without having to employ data experts to help you get the job done. Remember that if you have such aspects in your data, you won’t get accurate results that you can rely on during decision-making.

It’s good to have a proper plan, that will help you get proper ways to mitigate such instances. Your Visualization activities are likely to fail terribly.

Final Verdict

A Sankey chart is a useful tool within the business industry, especially during marketing campaigns. It works well by enabling you to visualize the customer’s journey exploiting some of those challenges experienced by customers from different localities. Upon data visualizing such aspects, you get to the point of taking the necessary action to enhance the safety of your customers.

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