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How Do You Monitor Your Employees?

Employee monitoring may seem like something used by companies that don’t trust their employees, but there are many benefits to installing monitoring devices in your business. Since it is not possible to monitor the workplace, a surveillance system can be used to track everything that happens in the company. Employee monitoring is mainly used to improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and employee productivity. Companies can keep an eye on their employees with a wide range of monitoring systems. Learn more about how to detect employee monitoring.

Call monitoring

The first method of employee monitoring is call monitoring. This system listens to and records all employee calls. The monitor can be located in close proximity to the calling employee. The monitor becomes the secret, unknown caller and can evaluate the person by acting as a customer. The observer can also follow the conversation from another room using a headset. During the conversation, the monitor can pay attention to the employee and fill out an evaluation form to assess the conversation and respond to the employee.

Computer-based monitoring

Computer-assisted monitoring is performed by computerized systems that automatically collect information about employee performance. There are different types of computer monitoring. For example, computer software can track employee productivity and keystroke speed, such as during data entry and word processing. It can also be used to see how long employees are away from their computers, how long they are idle, or what is stored on an employee’s computer. Some companies use video terminals to record employee errors.

With this system, companies can track how employees are doing their jobs. Such systems allow managers to focus on other tasks without constantly monitoring employees.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is another way to monitor employees. It involves monitoring employees by placing various video cameras in visible locations or hiding them from the employer’s eyes. These video cameras are used to detect employee misbehavior, monitor work processes, and ensure safety. These small cameras with a fisheye lens can go unnoticed for weeks. At the same time, they can provide valuable surveillance information.

E-mail and voice mail systems

E-mail and voice mail monitoring systems. With today’s technology, companies can easily monitor e-mail and voice messages, even if employees delete messages from their computers or voice mail systems. To protect the privacy of their email messages, companies can also use encryption methods that involve encrypting messages on the sender’s computer and decrypting them on the recipient’s end. This method is primarily used to prevent business “spies” from accessing emails, but it is also possible for an employer to access unencrypted messages.


The spying method is used when managers secretly observe other employees or managers. Workers under investigation are usually unaware that such investigations are underway. It is useful to learn about behavioral and disciplinary infractions.

Active Badges

The final type of monitoring is the active badge system. It uses a small transmitter. Sensors distributed throughout the workplace receive signals from these badges and transmit them to servers via an inexpensive network. These servers convert the signals into useful information that can be accessed over the office LAN. Employers primarily use active badges as a way to ensure that someone is not at work. This system greatly reduces unnecessary visits and calls and minimizes phone overload.

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